At the crossroad – 2

At the crossroads where

Everything was blurry

I met a stranger

Who’s name I’ve heard of

But haven’t met yet

Who’s voice I’ve neglected several times

But this time it felt more deep and assertive

At the crossroad where

Confusion ruled my mind stronger than ever

Where questions echoed in my mind

What more? what next?

Which turn? Why turn?

My heart felt like

A butterfly inside a jar

In that very hour of unrest

That mellifluous voice

Which I’ve shut out

Hummed in my ears again

Where to turn this time?

I listened to the stranger’s ways

Which felt absurd to me at times

Absurd or not I took the turn

And it changed my life forever and ever

At the crossroads where

Everything was blurry

I met a stranger

Who helped me find my way

That stranger was me!



Β©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

64 thoughts on “At the crossroad – 2

  1. But…but… What does that stranger think?

    At the crossroads where everything was blurry
    I met an old friend who always neglected me.

    She was distressed and said β€œWhat way? Which turn?”
    I was happy that she asked me, there’s someone who listens to my voice.

    Thanking me, she left the cross roads
    I could see the belief in her eyes, they had a vision
    And before I realized, I was back into the prison.

    I told her that if she’s ever confronted crossroads again
    I will be there, through thick and thin, to comprehend.

    I know that I am called upon only when there’s crisis
    But I wish someone would talk to me on daily basis.

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