Letters from a Cupid

Dear Friend,

I met sadness yesterday, we’ve been acquainted for so long that now I can actually call him my best friend now. Not that I liked being around him or that his presence makes me feel good but he always sticks around with me when no one else does and still, I don’t appreciate it but he does. Somebody introduced me with happiness last week and we hung out with each other for a week. I’ve seen him before too in streets and on some sunny days, even on some rainy and cold days too. But now we were hanging out with each other and it felt different.

But two days before he just left without even leaving a trace. And I found sadness sitting on my couch as usual, a pale face, droopy eyes, dead smile… I asked him what happened, he just looked at the waining moon and started weeping. I didn’t like his company not now not never, but he was all that I had and maybe I had love too but I’ve been trying to maintain my distance with love, bows, arrows and hearts ( you know about all that and I don’t have to get into the details). But it’s pretty hard to abstain from them and the added company of sadness…… And I haven’t found the De-addiction Center yet! I still want you to help me find one for me before I go crazy again. The only thing that I now enjoys much is writing to you.

So this was all that have been happening around me. What’s up with you my friend? How are you ? It’s been about a week since we’ve met and I already misses you. Hope you’re well and loved. And yes I am fine here too. . . I’m waiting for your reply.

Yours lovingly

Cupid πŸ’˜



Β©18/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

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69 thoughts on “Letters from a Cupid

  1. WOW ,!!!
    It’s really deep with solemn feelings embedded in the core part of this poem πŸ’™
    Excellent piece Adithya
    May that reply come soon as a solace from Aphrodite’s palace .

    Keep sharing dear

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  2. β€œWhen one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Alexander Graham Bell

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  3. A heartfelt letter with deep feelings…A creative and beautiful post!! Do go through it once, as I found some grammatical errors. It is such a beautiful piece! I don’t want any typing mistakes to be a hindrance!✌

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