Roses and time

I found a rose, snuggled up inside

The pages of a book, long forgotten.

The petals are compressed and stuck

On top of each other, but

They’re still intact to the stem.

The color has changed from red to brown

But it still do smell the same

Or is my mind lying.

Even the pages are tainted brown

With the flower and words in it

Are inked with love

And the thorns in the stem would still make you bleed in red

and they too will turn brown with time.


They will survive the ravages of time

Stay warm inside the cozy pages

Reminding you of how well you’ve loved

And reminding you that you have loved.

God made memories so that you’ll stay alive even when you’re not

And then he made roses and books

So that our love would survive the ravages of time,

And stays forever alive, inside the pages and in between words.



Β© 26/11/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


93 thoughts on “Roses and time

  1. Where would we be without memories? They are precious. Unless theyvare bad ones of course. But sometimes wenhave to keep going by our memories. Lovely piem and lovely thoughts.

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  2. Pages of a memory and roses of a heart, both are worth living for, even in face of death. We do live a lot for them, to make more and more if we can. The pacific can withstand all storms on it, al long as in its deepest core, mariana blooms roses and saves the scrolls.
    Beautiful poem.

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