What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Hi guys,

First of I’m sorry for not showering my love upon all your posts. I had an exam and was a bit caught up in it. Now coming back to my today’s subject for thoughts and laugh Dreams.

People who knows me well, knows very well that I hate dreams, the dreams I get while I’m asleep, I don’t even like the good ones. Now don’t ask me for the reason behind this because even I don’t know completely why I don’t like dreaming while sleeping. I always prays to God before going to bed that, God please don’t give me any dreams but last week was crazy. . . . Really crazy. I am getting weird dreams, really weird ones and it is both scary and frustrating ones.

The weirdest dream I’ve ever got till date is in one of the dreams I got last week. In that dream I killed two people 😭. I never ever wanted to kill anybody my entire life and I killed two people in my dream. I don’t know who they were. I still remember every details to how I killed them and that’s even more weird because nothing in a dream stays with us for long and we can’t really remember every details in a dream. I had a few other weird ones too but I’d rather not talk about them and bore you already and they are really weird too so I don’t want you to think of me as a creepy person either 😬.

So guys now you tell me what’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had till date. I’m waiting to see if I’m the only one who gets weird dreams.

99 thoughts on “What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

  1. First of all good luck in the exam Adithya.
    I have dreams, and I like them. That probably indicate that I have mostly good ones.
    Then I can daydream, like Walter Mitty.
    Many real dreams are around the desires and fears. Perhaps we are getting fearless over time resulting in dreams of fulfilment.
    Sorry I didn’t answer your question

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  2. Adi you are hell bent on extracting information from people. good luck with that.

    Okay let me tell you one. One summer I lay in my bed and I believe it was very late when my eyes got heavy and eventually I lost the sense of reality and went into the world of dreams. I saw theekarlalji (please don’t laugh at the name as it was his real name and I am not using it for comidic effect) riding his yellow scooter. At a fair pace he was riding when suddenly a truck came and got him hard and he died. I woke up shocked. How could he die he was so young, may be around 40 but maunly I was shocked because he had taken advance from us for constructing our home and the work was only 40% complete. Not to mention I did not sleep after that. When the morning came I waited at the door for him to come but he did not. I swear I could have called him but outgoings were very costly then.i asked my mom of she was informed of his absense and she denied in toto. I was all the more flabbergasted. But then after a wait of 1 hour he arrived. I took a sigh of relief. I asked him with a smile why he got late that day. “My grandfather died”. He replied.

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    1. Weird dream or weird reality. I don’t know.

      But yes my most weirdest dream. I saw a girl in my dream, clad in hood. I could not see her face. She was shouting something but I could not hear completely and then it happened, she raised the knife and put two innocent people down. From that day I am searching for that girl. My search may very well be over. What do you think Adi?

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  3. I dreamed once twice that I was dead . One of them i was looking for.my way to the realm of spirits as I was still roaming here like a ghost πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. I once dreamed that I was abducted and taken to a commune of sorts. I was dragged outside where I would be chained between two others who’d obviously been there for months and were completely out of their minds. I was extremely glad when I woke up :O) x

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    1. I would’ve lost my senses if I dreamed that. I thought me texting someone I love you a million times and not getting any reply was the worst dreams of all. This must’ve been really scary. We’re you scared for long after you had this dream.

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  5. I had this weirdest dreams in which all zombies and ghouls were attacking my house. They were hanging in my balcony grills and I was stabbing them . Suddenly I realised that they started coming through my front door and I dont know why my mom and dad were sleeping without realizing any of the situation and I was the only one who was screaming .it was so unusual….obviously it was dream so anything can happen ,but I wonder why I thought about it although I haven’t watched any zombie movie since 2 months

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  6. Sometimes even I pray before sleeping that I don’t want to have any dreams. Just a peaceful night would be so good. However I do end up getting dreams which are more often than not forget in the morning. I remember once dreaming I was Sherlock Holmes hahaha. And doing all the possible detective work when at home I am even incapable of finding a lost pen. Me and detective hahaha. So that was weird and funny and everything at once

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  7. I have read somewhere that Dreams are the interplay of our happenings, whatever we do each day or the things which we like, dislike,etc or the things which our brain constantly thinks show up in the dreams… Our brain starts the dream process during the early morning period… Everyone has bad dreams, if it is too bad then I get awaken up and I sigh that it wasn’t realπŸ˜‚… Yet, I fear going back to sleep for it might again haunt me…
    Dreams are very important in the functioning of our brains, dreaming is a sign that u have healthy & sound sleep…
    Keep day dreaming though it makes us happy….

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          1. There is a Bollywood actor with the same name and she liked the name thought that she would give her son the same name but I was born a female still she stuck with the name and gave me this name.


          2. It must be some old Actor, Aditya Roy kapur is too recent thn I don’t know more Aditya actors, one more Aditya pancholi, he is old one… Your mother must be a big fan of whoever Aditya Actor it isπŸ˜‚πŸ‘… Love ur name….

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  8. You had definitely seen some criminal movie before sleep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ drems are illusion of what we had seen in day to day lifeπŸ€—.

    I had got weird one once, I was captured by soldiers & they were speaking russianπŸ˜‚ it’s coz I was playing “call of duty” lot in those days.

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  9. When I was in Seoul Korea, I had a dream of my future wife asking me to open my eyes and look at her. I said I couldn’t because I was dreaming. I had this dream four days in a row.

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