Seated at the top of a hill

At the edge of a rock

Watching the sun sink deep

Into the corner of the world

Leaving us all to be feasted by darkness

Lighting up another part of world

Setting another’s papers on fire through

The magnifying glass of life and passing day.

Watching the sun die, for the night to be born.

Watching the sky change colors from

Yellow to orange to red and finally

Black covers all under it’s shield.

My eyes felt cold with tears and

The gentle wind passing by while

Resting my head on the nearby grass

And inhaling the pleasant smell

Of the crushed grass under my face

The dew fed grass and the dirt on my face.

Staring into the panoramic view of

Contrasting lights and darkness,

What will tommorow bring,

Will my heart return.



29/11/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


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