And just like that

And just like that I stopped feeling everything

All the pain, the dirt in the eyes

The blood in the mouth, that itching sore

It all stopped while I was staring at

That dusty white wall adorned with

Calendars of years that passed by,

Years forgotten, and years that stayed

Years which disagreed to go away.

It just stopped just like that

While air struggled to escape through

The hole in my face because

I pulled back more than what escaped.

I could still move, still trip, still fall

Hurt in places which I never even knew I had,

But I just don’t feel, and

I don’t know how to react to this,

Is it making me less of a human.

Its either that I don’t feel no more or

I’m feeling more than what I should.


image from Pinterest


Β© 27/12/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


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