I like it ‘ sadness ‘

I like it ‘sadness’

It’s real

Never leaves you.

Happiness lasts a second

Meets you at multiple times

But when it leaves

It leaves you broken.

Sadness lasts forever

Even if happiness is there

Sadness will be there,

Somewhere inside waiting.

Sadness lasts forever

And it makes you thankful

For all the good you have,

All the great moments you had,

It teaches you the value of life,

Let you know that

Love was here somewhere

Let’s you know that

Sadness isn’t bad

If you understand it.

Sadness gives you hope

For better, for a smile.

Hi guys, I hope that you are all fine. I know that I have a been a little inconsistent with my blog and I haven’t been around here and reading all your posts lately. I promise I sure will try and catch up with all your posts. I have not been feeling well lately, I’m not sick, it’s just that as much as I don’t wanna admit it but I have to say that I am not fine and I have been thinking about giving up blogging too. I love my blog and I’m trying not to do anything stupid. 2018 ended amazingly well and 2019 started on a great note but I just don’t feels like me anymore, somethings missing and I have a feeling that it’s not coming back and that I won’t be able to be me again. This is now getting a little bit too personal. So guys I hope you are fine and I surely will try and catch up with all of you from today onwards. Thank you all for your help, support and love.


67 thoughts on “I like it ‘ sadness ‘

  1. Please don’t give up your blogging. Actually you don’t know how many people are feeling good after reading your blogs. Time is the best healer. I understand your situation and this is the reason you have written this type of poem about “Sadness lasts forever”. But believe me-It is “Attitude” by which you are judging. Sadness never lasts forever. Both exists equally. But we give much importance to sadness and stick to it and that is the reason we feel like that. Though it is your personal matter, but I feel happy when I can motivate someone. I could not able to motivate my own sister and I lost her few years back. So I don’t want anybody in this world suffer from demotivation and depression. Sorry, if I said you too much…have a nice day…

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words dear. I know you are trying to help and I’m very much grateful for that. I will surely bounce back like I always do, it’s just that I feels like I don’t have a reason to but I’ll be fine. I hope you are good. Thank you for the motivation dear, I do feel good that you tried. You too have a great day.

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  2. Keep blogging dear ❤️ I am inside poems, you too inside poems…keep blogging… poetically…and I am sure while blogging poems you will feel great….take a break…go outside the box…look everything poetically…

    Every drop of water
    Will say something…
    Each winds will murmur
    Something something
    Bon fire and new desires
    Will tell you more than nothing…
    Sings loud…
    Into the sadness…
    Be calm…
    Walk a mile…
    Look at immovable trees…
    Sit beneath the stintillating rays…
    Without rainbow…
    Make your own rainbow…
    And shine more …
    When depression calls…
    Let the sadness fear with you
    And happiness attract you
    Start a new hobby…
    Like a busy bee …
    …feel good…
    Don’t feel sad…
    You write poems very great
    Which makes us happy and glad
    So once again,
    Don’t feel sad…
    Let sunshine your way….
    multiply and add….

    Keep blogging

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  3. Such an optimistic poem. Beautiful indeed. It’s fine if you feel that you are not you anymore, because ultimately it’s ‘you’ only. So, accept the change with the same positivity which is reflected in this poem.

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  4. Hey Adithya you are immensely talented. Let no transient wave of low make you quit what defines you. Everyone has their up and down moments. Remember, how you hold yourself in your moment of low will define you. Stay blessed and think positive. Life is beautiful.

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  5. Please don’t worry about being “inconsistent” or taking a break in blogging. Many of the ongoing activities we do in life are not day-by-day or even week-to-week activities, but things we attend to and keep going nonetheless. So, feel free to catch your breath and let life flow through you for awhile, and then when you are feeling the urge to express yourself, write again. Your audience will always be here for you. ❤

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  6. You’re right. If we don’t feel sadness, depression, loneliness, we wouldn’t know what it’s like to be without all the good things in life and we wouldn’t appreciate the good as much as we would if we’d lost it all and life has given us a chance to miss what we once had. This is real. This is deep. OAN: Reading your comment made my heart heavy. It sounds as though you have lost a piece of yourself which takes some time and soul-searching. Always do what’s best for you. Your site is beautiful. I will enjoy getting acquainted with you through your writing. I hope and pray you find your happiness. Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my work.

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  7. I think it’s fine to be inconsistent, there is no pressure for you to keep blogging or to keep up with all our posts. If blogging is something you love, then write when you feel like it, read when you feel like it, and don’t let anything pressure you into making blogging your duty or responsibility. It will be sad to dislike or dread doing something you love because it becomes a duty. Write when you want, write what you want and just continue loving it 🙂

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  8. Same feeling I also get, just take a break from blogging. When you will miss ur blog, Come back again…
    It happens to everyone that not well feeling.. Walking is the best remedy fr this feeling, many other r also there.
    Take a break, blog when u need distraction.

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  9. Adi,

    You are such a talented writer. Your poems are beautiful, thoughtful, and meaningful. I know exactly how you feel, in so many ways. This has been a very strange year. I too am struggling a lot lately, with life, with my writing, with everything really, and I also have that same feeling like something is missing and I don’t really know why. I do know that I do not intend in giving up, I will keep writing as long as I can, as long as I still have thoughts and feelings. You should know that you are and always have been a source of inspiration to me… both in terms of the quality and content of your work, as well as spirit and personality that you bring to this place. You are a friend, a close friend, as odd as that might sound for someone who I do not actually know in person, and I would be quite sad if your presence were to be gone. I appreciate you and all that you do here – your writing, your comments, your… you. Whether you continue or not is all up to you. Just know that you are appreciated here, as you were, are, and will be, no strings attached. I do hope that you find your way out of whatever you are struggling with… Know that I/we are here to support you, however that might be.



  10. I’m sorry you are feeling this way. Never give up! We all have times when we are down. That doesn’t diminish what you are going through, but you are not alone. 🙂

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