Sound of mayhem

You are driving me nuts

And you don’t know it

You are the chaos in my

Midnight dreams and

I’m stuck in an

Endless loop now.

It’s all black around

But white is a part of you

That became the destructive

Beautiful lines inside my palms,

Even the dark side of the Moon is

Not nearly as vague as you are.

You are the pink blooming flower

Amidst the while lilies and orchids

Of yesteryears deja Vu,

And I can hear your diaphanous heart

Calling out for my name

In the serenity of calmness.

Shhhh. . . .

Listen carefully

It’s the sound of mayhem!



© 25/01/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

88 thoughts on “Sound of mayhem

  1. I guess that’s what love is all about–being with someone who drives you bonkers. That concept’s kinda fitting in a way; learning to find calm when deep inside of a raging storm makes you stronger eventually. LOL’ing at the line about “even the dark side of the moon isn’t nearly as vague as you…” That one needs to be on a bumper sticker.

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