Your Magic

I spilled coffee on you

When we first met,

Ever since then

You smelled like coffee to me

And all my morning

Cup of coffee

Smelled like you.

The sun calls out your name

When it sets,

Because all the stars

In the night sky

Comes from within you.

And all the night sky’s magic,

Fall into you

To bloom as flowers,

From your eyes.

Enticing me, to fall in your love,

To surrender my heart,

To surrender my life,

To surrender my breath,

All to you.



Β© 12/02/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


72 thoughts on “Your Magic

  1. Beautifully passionate and romantic. Great work! By the way, I recommend you and the rest of the followers here to stop by my friend Mario Savioni, who is posting chapters of his novel “Pickles and Tarts”, where the desire to find true love also appears along with the follwing themes: illusion-delusion, dream-reality, human relationships in the digital era with a man and a woman who are extremely different in age, similar to Lolita, only with no underaged girl, though young. Here is an excerpt from chapter 7: “Frank was hoping she was attracted. He prefaced with β€œAs a writer” to offer her an alternative, however, which would save his face in case she simply selected him accidentally.”:

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      1. Yes, Mario is, like you, an excellent writer. Sadly enough, his writing get less attention than my humble attempts on my blog and that is just not fair. If it were not for him I would never have started my blog nor crossed paths with such a talented writer as you.

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