One year πŸ’“

Heya lovelies,

This is a post to thank you all dear ones for the immense support and love showered upon my blog till today . This day last year I started blogging without a teensy bit idea about what blogging was and I had no idea that blogging could change my life this much. So this post is to thank you all for your love, kindness, support and help. It had been an amazing year and you are the ones who made this blog last. So thank you ones again.

I heart you all πŸ’“.

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97 thoughts on “One year πŸ’“

  1. Congratulations, Adi! It has been a joy to participate in your first year of blogging. You have definitely developed a voice, a confidence in your words and a strong message behind them, and I look forward to seeing how your writing progresses into the future.

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