Moon talks

I am so exhausted, the day was so tiring. Can I get a cup of coffee and something to eat, he said as he fell into the bed. This is your house, you should be the one making me coffee, she said as she went into the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later she came back with a cup of coffee and a sandwich to eat. He ate half his sandwich and offered the other half to her. She refused to eat and said that she would have made one for herself if she wanted to. After he finished the rest of his sandwich, she asked him to follow her to the terrace. Now move and come with me to the terrace, she said to him. I’m tired, really really tired so, do I really have to come with you, he asked her. My caffeine runs through your veins now, so now come on you owe this to me she replied and drags him to the terrace.

Both of them lay side by side in the terrace under the glowing moonlight. You really love the moon don’t you? He asked. And I love all the stars too, she replied. He blushingly smiles at her. You see that star up there she said pointing at a star up north. Yes, I see that now, he replied. That’s the star that gave me back my smile after I lost my father, she said. And that dim star next to the one that’s glowing brightly. That’s the star that knows all my secrets. Like all of my secrets. And this one right up above our head, that’s the one who looks after me while I’m alone and guide me when I’m lost. Girl you are crazy he said after listening to her. Yes I am she replied and both of them burst out laughing.

As they watched the moon he took her hand in his hand and asked her, what about the moon? What about it? She replied. The stars listen to your secrets, makes you smile and keeps you company and guide you at times. So what does the moon do? He just loves me unconditionally, shares his light with me and makes me blush every time I look at him, she replied. We’ll then he said, then I will look at the moon everyday from now on. Then what about the days when there is no moon, she asked him. Then I will look at you, my moon and I know that you will light up all my dark and tired days by bringing me coffee, all because you love me he said and she laughs uncontrollably. You know the stars are jealous of us right now she whispered. Why? He asked her. It’s because you’re more in love with me than you are in love with them, she replied. They just looked at each other and forgot about the moon after that.



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