Running back

I miss you. . . . . I miss you like how earth misses the rain during summer, like how my nose misses the smell of petrichor in the parched dry air. I miss you. . . . . And I had never missed anybody in my life before. I have said to people that I will miss them but my heart never came to that critical point where it started to miss someone, anyone but now, it misses you. It’s only been two days and I already miss you. It’s like somehow the melodies inside my body stopped and I could only hear my heartbeat, and in every lyric of it’s beat it saya, I miss you!

You didn’t leave me, nor did I, we just were in a crossroad and we had to take the roads meant for us, hoping to cross paths, somewhere down the road, then run towards each other and hold hands like before. Look into that dark bold eyes of yours which reflects the sunlight and turns brown under the shade of those thick eyebrows, which you hate so much yet I still love. But now, I miss you so much that I can’t walk down this road anymore no matter where it takes me. I don’t care that the place looks beautiful and I don’t care about the flowers under my feet, the fragrance that’s numbing my nose, I don’t care about any of those things. I just want. . . To run back, back through the road which I’ve travelled so far, reversing the journey that I’ve taken in the last two days, just run back to you because I never thought that I could miss someone but now I know how ‘ I miss you’ feels like. I’m running back to you.



Β© 2/03/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

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