Forgiveness is God

Mamma told me once
That forgiveness is God.
God repayed our debt
Forgave our sins and
His wounds are evidences to that.
The temple of the man
Who we are debted to,
God left that heart many years back.
Mamma can’t repay the debt she took
So that I’d be cured of cholera.
Mamma breaks her bones to pay
When she runs short of rupay
She tried to pay him off with,
Tears and ash, otherwise
His hands will impart marks on mine.
I pushed my sister off from swing
In distress of the smoke at home.
She fell on knees, broke her skin
Bled in red, teared in eye
Yet mumbled not a word, just pitiful eyes.
In the height of remorse, I said my sorry
With a smile she then said,
Just kiss my wound, I forgive you.
No blood stained my lips as I kissed
Later we oiled the cut and I saw God in her.
At home I’ve seen Mamma burning in fire
And at road I’ve seen Mamma burning in sun.
Her rosy hands and pinkish cheeks
Now grey like ash and hard like coal.
Still her heart do smell of roses and ghee.
There is God in Mamma
She pays debt so that I may escape death.
Incurs wounds in both hands and knees
And forgives my childish miseries.
There is God in Mamma, now I see
I should also be in God and forgiving, I shall also be.



Β©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

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