Wordrobe– YouTube channel

Hi guys,

I have a big announcement to make, as you all know I was a little crazy before I went a little too crazy. So I have again done something even more crazier that is to open a YouTube channel for poetry. I have been thinking about this for sometime now and with immense support from my dear Nirant and also from Surajith, I have finally done it.

The channel name is Wordrobe . It consists of my poetry. It is still in it’s initial stage and I have only uploaded one video in it. You guys have been supporting me with my poetry and showing much love to me so I thought I should announce this news here first. I hope you go and take a look at my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV_V_sM0kqbOdc37_KF2rVg

Without your support I would have been nothing and I would have stopped writing long ago. I hope that you will show me the same support that you have shown me here on my YouTube channel as well. This probably is another stupid thing that I have done but anyways thank you for all your kindness and love. I love you all as well.

One more thing guys I won’t ask you all to like, subscriber and all but then again I must do something. So I am asking you to like the video if you like it, comment if you feels like you want to let me know something, share it with others if you think they might like it too and subscriber to the channel if you think you’ll like the upcoming videos too. Here is the link to the channelπŸ‘‰ wordrobe. And guys don’t go to YouTube and search wordrobe on YouTube because then you’ll come across some ridiculous videos, really terrible ones.

I thank you all once again and lots of love and hugs to you all 😘.

106 thoughts on “Wordrobe– YouTube channel

  1. Wow! Absolutely amazing. I listened but could not work out how to comment. Your voice is amazing,, and the poem brilliant. I really felt that poem. Keep doing this. PLEASE. I want to hear more 😊

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          1. I just went and heard your spoken word of poetry a second time. I do like the sound of your voice as it speaks each line so eloquently and easily Adithya. Proud of you my friend keep going forward !!

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  2. Loved it, dear. You should share more. And this is absolutely not crazy, rather something that you did out of your comfort zone. Admire your guts, lady. All the best!

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