Warmth between two hearts

In that rain where coldness was just a medium of our words which forgot to form each time we had met before, where your shoes weren’t enough to keep your feet dry, where we were coiled inside a time where no time existed, neither did warmth. And the only warmth that was left in the whole wide world was placed in between the place where both our hearts met. I gave myself to you, the secrets of my darkness, the voids of my pain, the breathless of my sins, the enamoures self loathing I possess, about how I found God and I couldn’t put up with him because he forgave me while I couldn’t, about how I went back to him when he had turned his head away from me, how ashamed I was of my shadows, my life, my wishes and my tears which always mocked me every time it rolled down my cheeks. I knew that you wouldn’t be able to hear me amidst the clater of the rain drops hitting the cement pavement. But I just had to do it all once before, you also realize that the warmth between hearts fade in seconds and in the rain every hands turn cold and hence we can’t warm each other, no matter how close we hold it, no matter how much we try to make it look like it’s enough, never can a cold hand warm another cold hand.


Β©The Rendezvous Club 2019
All Rights Reserved!

42 thoughts on “Warmth between two hearts

  1. It is hard to stay warm in the cold rain especially if your shoes leak and let the rain water into them. But love always warms the hearts and ignores the cold wet feet from the leaky shoes. You are a good writer who creates works of wonders for us and our eyes Adithya !

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  2. You write so well Adithya.
    However cold our hands maybe let us keep our hearts and our souls warm ❀️❀️
    It hasn’t stopped raining here since yesterday 😊❀️

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