Ten things I learned as an adult

CAUTION:- I suggest children to stop reading this. All things you’ll read may take away your hopes for the future and mess up your mind.

1) The difference between like and love is that you can easily hangout with a person you like but it’s hard to put up with a person you love, because you don’t like them always.

2) Strangers are sometimes the bestest friends you’ll have. Whilst during childhood we were advised not to talk to them. But now we want them to talk to us because we think they’ll listen to us because nobody else does.

3) You can smile at someone and never mean it and even if they know that you didn’t mean it, they’ll never ask you anything.

4) You should only cry when you’re alone, it makes people uncomfortable when you cry in front of them. And tissues can dry your eyes if you touch its edge to your caruncle, but be sure to take it out before it turns to mesh.

5) “I wish I was never born” or “I wish I die soon” are statements which can bring an end to any family argument. But it has consequences. Either you’ll be slapped by your mother or your grandma will say God has noted your statement down in his book and punishment is on its way.

6) Every self help book teaches you that only you can help yourself.

7) You should know when to say no, but keep in mind that nobody is going to ask you any questions.

8) You hurt others when you are hurt.

9) Wounds never heal, they just freeze and each time you are in the sun, each time someone loves you, you let them defreeze those wounds in the hope that they’ll heal it, but soon you’ll realize that they left you the moment your wounds were exposed again, the moment the ice melted.

10) Living as an adult isn’t hard because as soon as you turn into an adult. You’ll be surviving in this world and living will just turn into a nostalgia, a childhood memory perhaps. And you’ll survive till the end.

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49 thoughts on “Ten things I learned as an adult

  1. Realistic but a bit on the negative side. I do second your warning that kids should never read this, but on the other hand adults shouldn’t take it to heart either. Life is a mix, good and bad in equal portions.

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