I glow

It blooms like a cut
In all its transient purple rigidity
And I lift my right foot
To see that my soul is hiding there
Away from the dark sores underneath my heart
Which takes up the place for my soul to reside.
My heart in my body
Like dandelion on fire
My eyes in it’s socket
Like sailor lost at sea.
I am disoriented
Like a bulb without tungsten
And yet I glow, glow in my face
Burning the left over oxygen
Consuming the last of my living breath.
My skin a sun kissed parchment
My body a used carboard box
I am a miracle in all its paper glory
My tangent cut square face
And a papier mache smile.
All a miracle in royal blue ink
And in all its paper glory.
I glow, glow in my face
Disoriented and with all it’s purple rigidity.



Β© The Rendezvous Club 2019

All Rights Reserved!

40 thoughts on “I glow

  1. Dear Aditya, Don’t analyse love..Ups and downs are a part of it. Expect less and accept more is the key. In the end love will take care of itself. (wisdom of 40 years of acquaintance, 36 years of love and 33 years of marriage) ☺ Regards, Suja

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