When he comes into your room and
Slam the door and
Ask you to strip
You get up and say
The only the thing
That has been
Running through your head
For a while now.
You say no,
And when his voice
They raise
You gather the voice of your courage
Your self respect
And the word No
Falls out your mouth
Like an asteroid
Creating a crater
On his manliness.
And he demands it again
And he demands that he’s your boyfriend,
Your fiance, your husband
He repeats that you have done it before
And it’s nothing new,
He repeats that you aren’t an angel and
You aren’t pure.
And then you put your hand
In front of you
In front of his face
In the direction of these forced words
And you say No
Because a No means a No
And it will always mean a No
There is nothing more lurking
In between those two letters
There is no monster hiding
Underneath the bed but
There is a monster,
There is one standing in between
You and him
And you sheild yourself with a No
Because you aren’t a slave
And your body is yours
And because a No means a No.



Β©The Rendezvous Club 2019

All Rights Reserved!

78 thoughts on “No

  1. Know the power of yourself as a Woman, the power to say NO, Your spirit and body are yours, no man owns you. I don’t care if he is your husband. Being in a relationship does NOT mean he owns you. Women are made with power and strength, and once you realize that, no one is going to put you down. You ask the man this question –

    Is sex important to you? How so?
    If sex is important to you then Loving me takes second place. I do not like being in Second place. I am a Diamond not a piece of wood.

    Never take second place

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