To every WordPress blogger

Hi guys,

Okay this is not my regular poetry post. This is actually a post which I am writing to help some of my followers and friends so that they can clear all the troubles they are facing with their blog which they won’t even know is happening to them.

The WordPress app is a little faulty. when you are using the app, the app allows you to change your web address and links through the app itself but actually it doesn’t change your original web address and hence some of you may have done so much damage to your blog without actually noticing it and this might be causing you to not gain new followers, loss of likes and a decrease in status etc. This happened with me once and that’s why I am writing this post. To help people who are facing the same problem to let some of you know that you are facing a problem.

Now let’s get to the problem, what exactly am I talking about. When some people follows you or like your post or comment on your post, you won’t be able to see their tagline or usernames and you may see a link there. While in some blogs the link might not be a issue but in some blog the link will be. As you can see in the picture all the rest of the blogs are showing their tagline or usernames while one of the blog is just showing a link. And most of us do know that when people comment or follow us we check out their blog through these taglines or usernames and that’s how we start interacting with their blog.

In the below image you can see that in the comments notifications too you can’t see such people’s original links and this might affect your status so much because people can’t get to your blog from the below link.

What it should have looked like when you comments on someone’s blog is like this.

See that tagline, when we touch it, that directly takes us to their blog and that’s how most people read that respective blog’s posts or follow them. But when links like these πŸ‘‡ appears we won’t be able to check out their blog.

And when we click on these links what it shows us is that the author have deleted the site. Yes that’s what it says.

Now most of you might be confused about what you must do to fix your blog. Well there are two options known to me, first is to contact WordPress support or help and report them the issue and they’ll tell you the solution and second is the one I did wheny blog faced the same issue after I changed my blogs web address.

Now what i did when this happened to me was, I simply changed my web address to what it originally was and everything went back to normal. So if you have changed your original, that means the web address you have originally to something else then you should change it back in the app. That will help you. And if that isn’t what’s wrong with your website I ask you to immediately contact WordPress support, they will mostly reply to you in 48 hours and they will check everything out and will help you fix your problem. And when you are reporting the issue to the WordPress support group attach the screenshots of the problems that you are facing and that will help them understand exactly what is wrong with your site.

I hope this post was helpful to some. And if some of your friends are also facing this then I hope you share this information with them. Have a nice day all of you.

And one more thing, I have used some screenshots which have some of your blogs links and other stuff and I am sorry if this hurts you in anyway and if you want me to take it down. Just let me know through the comments and I will do it. I just did it this to help a few people in trouble, hope you understand.

45 thoughts on “To every WordPress blogger

  1. I faced this problem. When I changed my blog name & address “IndWealth” to “The Hindi Mail”
    If you want to change your url address or name, first make a new blog with new address & name then export your previous all blog contact then import in new. You will not lost any followers, like or comment.
    After u can delete previous blog.

    Sorry for english 😊 I’m not well in this.

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  2. Thats gonna help a lot of ppl out here …
    Thankyou that you actually posted a blog on this issue ..
    And for helping me out too.. m really grateful to you πŸ’œ

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  3. Yes, I have seen many boggers when I am clicking their site, one message is appearing indicating that the site has been deleted. But how can I come to know whether my site also faces same problem…Anyway very good , useful post

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  4. Adithya do you know if I have this problem because I have never changed my name or anything on my blog since I started it. I know you can find out and let me know my Dear Friend and BFF. I know if I do you might help me fix it. Thank you so very much and Please let me know if I do have this sickness.

    Thanks very much Adithya Love you my friend!

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