It starts with an A

I am afraid of myself
For my name starts with A
Just like that in annihilation
And I was my own first victim,
With spool of truth that ties mouth
And tongue and love, the gritty teeth
Not so blind, biting on everything
From death to sheets of skin and
Touch that sees all including
You fool, you fool my dear.
I know you’re not in love with me.
You’re just in love with the part of me
That’s in love with you but
I’m more than that.

I am the sword which turns
The time too vain to too horrible
That cuts your skin and peels
The fleshes of your love until it’s
Pure Stark naked like a baby’s wings.
I am the fear on your face
When you see my book hit my desk
As sweat escapes my prisoner skin
Condensing to thin rotting air.
I am afraid of myself
For I know the capabilities of
My darkness, and it dares
Not to sleep, it rests
Upon the hammock of death, desperation and destruction
and then
I realizes that there’s a D in my name.
I rather not wake him and know
Who he is.



ยฉThe Rendezvous Club 2019

All Rights Reserved!

67 thoughts on “It starts with an A

  1. Intense gorgeous imagery, Adithya, plus a powerful message: Love the whole of me, not just a part. Accept me as I am. Love this as it is the key to all kinds of love among human beings. The way a parent should love a child, a lover the other person, a friend another friend, etc.

    I love to stay with A for awesome and also for adventurous as your poetry is, always searching for contrasts, beauty and truth. Isn’t that an adventurous journey? Also admirable, able, authentic, achievement, ardent, astounding, aware, appreciative…

    As for D, it is clearly delusion, disillusionment, desperation, death… sadly enough part of our lives. I like that this poem is so profound in meaning, actually a deep reflection on our limited human existence and the role true love needs to play.

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  2. Aww thank You so much! For โค my post on his death cause death to me is awful since I have seen way too much death in my life for such a young person.I can Not wait to read what You stand for cause what we all stands for matters when this Earth does not have enough people taking a stand for what they believe in.We are both on the support train let’s keep the train link going.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!.. I just use my name for identity, all other matters I follow my heart… ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€œDon’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.โ€ โ€• Roy T. Bennett

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