Endings don’t matter

I know the ending
I clearly knows how the leaves rustles
I know the wind
It comes and it goes
But it stays too
And I’ve feel it
And all I think about the wind is
Not where it came
Nor where it went
But rather that it felt good.

You came
I know you will go
I know how it will end
I know you won’t be my side
To count the lanes of wrinkles down my eyes
To press my hands against the pillow
When it shakes
To count the leftover teeth by time
In my mouth,
You won’t be there.

But in this moment
I love you
And I know where this is going.
But you are here now,
You are here
And I see you
Smiling pretty
Looking at me like all the world
Cease to exist from now on
And only us matters.
So why should an ending matter
Because everything else is perfect now.



ยฉThe Rendezvous Club 2019

All Rights Reserved!

30 thoughts on “Endings don’t matter

        1. What if we both know that, yet we accept it and we don’t have no hope for the future yet, we feel happy for everything else and somehow we find that beautiful. We feels as that we love each other but we don’t own out fate. That this might end bitter, but we have time until then.

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