You’ll never know

Sometimes you love someone and they don’t love you back. But you continue to love them. In no hope and you never stop loving them and in the end you betray yourself, you take away the chance of loving someone else, who just might love you back.

He called me yesterday and said that we should meet.

We have been friends for a long time. Things were always nice when he was there. But we did had our share of fights, arguments and misunderstandings. We weren’t perfect.

He came over to my house to declare the news. He said he’s going away for a while and I felt as if someone just dropped a missile on my chest.

He was just so excited. So I pretended to be happy and made him feel more happy.

After he left is when things started to get darker inside me. What if he never comes back? What if he don’t call? How long will he stay away ? Will it be like last time? Will he slowly get busy and wander off?

I guess I’ll never know. When you love a person who doesn’t love you back then the thing is you are never sure about the future. You’ll never know.



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64 thoughts on “You’ll never know

  1. If he doesn’t love you then stop giving your love to him !! You deserve someone who will make you feel that you are the most precious in this world .!! Stop settling my lady !! . You deserve so much more .πŸ’œ

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    1. But you know ,it is next to impossible.if we try to maintain distance from him, we feel very sad and hurted deep inside the hurt as someone put knife on heart and that someone is none either than yourself.

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          1. yaaa,, surely … It takes alot of time … healing is not a one day thing … nd its not always so easy … hell!! its tough.. but its worth it . πŸ’œ

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  2. You know wht by sticking to somebody who don’t love you back we actually keep hurting ourselves. We must love and care for ourselves first. And when we start loving and caring for ourselves more we eventually starts encountering the people who unconditionally cares for us. And in this journey of loving the self we finally come across the one whom we should actually give all our love and prayers and care. Be positive. That someone special must be waiting for you even ❣️

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  3. Hi love, its been a long while since I’ve been here. How are you? Who’s meant for you will be for you. God is in total control and He knows everything. It may hurt how He moves people out of our life’s who were not meant to be in it for us to draw closer to Him and see that having a relationship with Him is what really matters the most. We are His and He is ours. God bless, keep and strengthen you at this learning stage in your life. Blessings! ❀

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  4. Sometimes we have to get our heart broken over and over by the wrong ones so that when the one who really loves us and would never think of leaving comes we will recognise that is truly for us. But if you love him you are gonna love him whether he stays or goes. ❀

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