Things you do while you’re in love/ depressed or both

1. You wait a minute or two before you open the message. Because instant replies sometime pictures you as needy. But you don’t want them to know that you’re in dire need of them. So you wait, so you hide.

2. You don’t look at the moon anymore. Because moon reminds you of them. But then you acknowledges the fact that you’re still thinking about them and the moon anyway. There isn’t a need of looking anymore. The thought is always there.

3. Hiding underneath a veil is your new shield. Even your dp is black. It somehow convinces you that you’re safe.

4. You are not drinking water anymore. Your lips tells you to drink some but you just take comfort underneath the oceans inside your eyelids and never move, the waves are violent on your heart.

5. You find it better to be alone in the city roads than inside your house. Somehow being alone among people are much more comforting than being alone in your cemented house, being alone inside yourself.

6. Eating breakfast for, lunch and dinner feels right. Time doesn’t exist anymore. You’re that kid who doesn’t understand the difference between the minute hand and second hand. Thoughts are timeless.

7. You rehearse what you’ll tell them when you meet them again. You write a letter in your head a million times but you neither will tell them how you really feels nor write that letter down. It will all die with you.

8. Each of the ‘them’ in this is either a his or her.



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20 thoughts on “Things you do while you’re in love/ depressed or both

  1. I have not been in love for almost 12 years now Adithya. Not since my one and only she is no longer here since Dec. 28 2007. My heart is broken and refuses to heal to find love any where yet. Loved this blog very well written Adithya !

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    1. Hey, dear ..!!
      If your heart is not ready yet to love someone else .. then love yourself .. no?
      Instead of waiting for someone else to mend ur broken heart … gv urself the love n care it deserves . .. Try loving urself n u may heal in the process …
      Take care of your heart 💜

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      1. I do not feel lost or empty inside because I have not found love. I have the love from Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost daily in my life. Yes, one day I will be directed to someone who I am meant to be with Adithya. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear Friend !

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