Humans don’t have wings

Mamma told me to sink down the sea
Mamma told me to lie on my back
And let the sun shine on my skin.
Tear off both the wings on my back
Tear off all the feathers that’s been
Weighing me down from being a human
All of this while.
Mamma said let no one walk on your back by
Calling you an angel.
Mamma told me, be a girl darling
Don’t pretend you have wings
You have two hands and that’s always enough.
Wear that striped shirt, that full sleeve one.
Ride a ship into the mouth of the sun
Burn, burn yourself up.
Then come back the next day to tell
All the tale, wear your darkness
All on your eyes, wear your burn marks
All over your tongue, spit words of fire
And let them know how
Flawed of a human you are and
Let no one walk on above you
Calling you an angel, you’re human
As flawed as everyone,
Remember that and walk up,
Work up, to your dreams.

Β© The Rendezvous Club 2019

All Rights Reserved!

63 thoughts on “Humans don’t have wings

  1. You have created such scenes from wearing wings as Angel flying into the sun. I agree none of us are perfect and will never be in this life time. But we will all be perfect in the next life with God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost in Heaven.

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    1. Thank you adithya, you really made my day. I never thought that I would meet such a kind soul like you. Thank you for everything. This kind act shows me that still there is humanity and hope.
      Thank you
      Have a marvellous day ahead.

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          1. It could be difficult to read in a smartphone or in a small screen, I would recommend to read in a desktop or in a pc as the lines of poems gets mixed and it is difficult to read

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