Women, Men, God, Love

1. Mamma says that when a man walks on a woman’s skin. She’ll burn in pain but nobody will see any burn marks and pain isn’t visible. So nobody will know what she had been through.

2. Some men are healers.

3. God is a man, God is a man, God is a man.
4. He loves me, he loves me, he loves me.

5. The dept of exit wounds are directly proportional to your emotional attachment towards the person who’s making them.

6. I have one in my heart, he loved me. I am not dead.

7. After 16 your heart is mosaic. A mosaic made out of all the men who left you to pieces. But it isn’t art, it isn’t beautiful. All the tiles are of the same color and the cracks are visible. They do not form poetry, they form a floor for a home to be built above them. A home for love, which is dead.

8. Now prejudice have replaced superstitions. I’ve heard a man say that if a woman smells like that of a man then in ten years you’ll see her making out with another woman. Or if a woman behaves manly enough then she hates men in general, and she’s called a feminist.

9. I know all this and a little more and I’m only 21.

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30 thoughts on “Women, Men, God, Love

  1. here s what we know
    men and women are equal
    but different
    separate but if in a loving
    situation are far better together than alone
    and the women is other side
    left side of sky
    x to my y
    good luck~!
    you l l need it~

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