As I lay in a war bed
With my legs apart
Wearing nothing but magic
They pull a baby out of me
Like a flower
Purple they are and my mouth red
Thinking about you is a kind of torture
Which always resides in my head
And I allow them to be there
Like sunrises they are needed.
I let the wolves howl your name
Until there is no more of you
Left in my mouth
I wear white to your wedding
But inside me I’m blue.
You’re a kind of wonder
A wonder that causes destructions
In parts unknown
I move my lips
And you causes earthquakes on my wrist.
The lilac sky is singing homage to my heart
Are you dead
Or is it me
Who’s waking up in the arms of another man.
What would you write as a eulogy for me
If I write one for you
It would just say
You were mine.
Your skin sparkles like the dust of a mirror
I love you and your shards
Imprint my blood
You are all over my veins that
My blood is causing waves to crash my heart.



©The Rendezvous Club 2019

All Rights Reserved!

27 thoughts on “Eulogy

  1. a man can be so
    but he will never
    know of what a woman be
    so see to it that
    you do not deign
    to reign lord over her
    and be she loud
    or demure
    is equal
    but different and apart from us

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