Forever boy

You know
The kind of boy
Who holds your face
Inside his palms like
He’s holding water
And he’s so careful
Not to let it drip out of
The spaces in between his fingers
And he’s thirty too
But he won’t drink it
Because he’s scared that
What will happen next
What will happen after he’s done
With the water
And he holds it and
Looks upon it with glazing eyes
And feel it cool the edges of his palms
His fingers, his palm lines
His fingerprints.
You know that boy?
I had him too
I loved him too
Then my love had to die
Because he was too late to drink me.
So you know that boy?
Who just looks at you and not do anything
You’ll have to wait forever for him
So you know that boy?
So know this too that
He’s not for you.



©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

30 thoughts on “Forever boy

      1. So glad to hear that Adi. Yes, it is by God’s grace alone. We just cremated my mother and me and my sister picked up her ashes yesterday. So, doung okay under the curcumstances. Sending hugs to you Adi ❤️❤️❤️

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