I cannot touch you
Neither can I suture those wounds
You showed me a picture of two days ago
Because one, I’m not a nurse or a doctor
And two, you’re so far away

I can’t touch you.
And I know that the second reason
Will always hurt me the most
Because if I was close
I would have at least called a doctor for you,
Or rushed you to a hospital
Or at least kissed your wound and
Told you it will all be fine
But you’re far away
And I only see pictures of you in wounds
And they never bleeds out of the photographs
Because they’re still
But still, they kill me
Because I cannot touch you.



ยฉThe Rendezvous Club 2020

All Rights Reserved!

15 thoughts on “Faraway

  1. You know the Healer of hearts is never faraway. He’s right there. Near to you. He will never leave you nor forsake you for He loves you with an everlasting love that cannot DIE. What man calls love is not love. It’s lust. It’s temporal. Cling to the hands of your Maker and let go of the pain. Lord I lift my sister before you in Jesus name. Have your way in her life. Restore unto her the joy of your salvation. Redeem her in your grace and mercy O Lord God. Have mercy on her and heal her heart Lord, make it new, make it clean Lord, just like you. We thank you Jesus for doing it in Jesus name Amen. Blessings & grace! Love you!

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