Letting Go

Sometimes I wonder was i wrong to let you go? Should I have hold on to you longer? Did I make a mistake in love? To be frank, i don’t know the answer to that. No matter how hard I try I can’t come to an actual conclusion. Questions on love will always be without an actual answer to it, Mom always used to say that. We don’t love people for a reason but on the contrary we love people because we think they will love us more, more than we love ourselves. I guess in that way we’re all selfish.

Whenever I think about love, I think of you and I always end up blaming myself for letting you go. Maybe I was wrong to do so. Because whenever I ask my heart was I right in letting you go my heart always replies holding on you to hurted much less than this heartbreak that I am suffering from now. Maybe my heart is right. Maybe holding on to you hurted much less but the thing is the more I held on to you the less I loved you. Because I had only you to blame for all the ache that I was enduring. And now that I’ve let you go, I blame myself for everything, I blame myself for giving up on us, I blame myself for letting you go. But I still love you the same and that kind of makes all this pain seem less. Because now you’ll stay the same, and you will always be the one I loved. And even though this heartbreak hurts so much now I know with time my heart will be whole again and this scar will heal but if I had hold on to you still I would have ended up hurting us both and we would have ended up loving each other less. And I guess in that way it was better, to let go.



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25 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. It hitting me so damn hard!! Me n my bf just broke up this very morning!! N i cnt tell u how much is this hurting me rit now!! I wanna gv u comfort w/ my wrds… But i dont hv it in me today !! I hope we will b fine soon adithya.. i hope 🥺

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