Why I have my mother’s name as my second name?

Because one day my father left
And didn’t come back.
Because he said that don’t let your daughter
Grow up like you did
Hence I decided to be the fruit of her womb.
Because she stood up for herself
And I felt empowered.
Because she showed me, we women
We can do it all alone.
Because I am from her
All this rage and love.
Because she deserves a place with me
In my victory.
Because she is the one who made it
Because she didn’t give up.
Because she taught me courage is enough.
Because she said being a woman
Is not an end to bravery.
Because her name means the moon
And I am the sun and with her
I’m the whole freaking solar system.
Because I am from her
And I am everything she dreamt of.
Because it’s not just a name,
It’s an identity
Which is drenched in the sweat and blood
Of a woman’s life long struggle.
And because it’s possible to be named after
Your mother and still be human.



ยฉThe Rendezvous Club 2020

All Rights Reserved!

25 thoughts on “Why I have my mother’s name as my second name?

  1. I loved the metaphor of solar system…please read once again and correct the grammatical errors…emotions are nicely written dear.all the best in life.

    Liked by 2 people

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