Moon talks

I am so exhausted, the day was so tiring. Can I get a cup of coffee and something to eat, he said as he fell into the bed. This is your house, you should be the one making me coffee, she said as she went into the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later she came back with a cup of coffee and a sandwich to eat. He ate half his sandwich and offered the other half to her. She refused to eat and said that she would have made one for herself if she wanted to. After he finished the rest of his sandwich, she asked him to follow her to the terrace. Now move and come with me to the terrace, she said to him. I’m tired, really really tired so, do I really have to come with you, he asked her. My caffeine runs through your veins now, so now come on you owe this to me she replied and drags him to the terrace.

Both of them lay side by side in the terrace under the glowing moonlight. You really love the moon don’t you? He asked. And I love all the stars too, she replied. He blushingly smiles at her. You see that star up there she said pointing at a star up north. Yes, I see that now, he replied. That’s the star that gave me back my smile after I lost my father, she said. And that dim star next to the one that’s glowing brightly. That’s the star that knows all my secrets. Like all of my secrets. And this one right up above our head, that’s the one who looks after me while I’m alone and guide me when I’m lost. Girl you are crazy he said after listening to her. Yes I am she replied and both of them burst out laughing.

As they watched the moon he took her hand in his hand and asked her, what about the moon? What about it? She replied. The stars listen to your secrets, makes you smile and keeps you company and guide you at times. So what does the moon do? He just loves me unconditionally, shares his light with me and makes me blush every time I look at him, she replied. We’ll then he said, then I will look at the moon everyday from now on. Then what about the days when there is no moon, she asked him. Then I will look at you, my moon and I know that you will light up all my dark and tired days by bringing me coffee, all because you love me he said and she laughs uncontrollably. You know the stars are jealous of us right now she whispered. Why? He asked her. It’s because you’re more in love with me than you are in love with them, she replied. They just looked at each other and forgot about the moon after that.



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Sunset talks

Best friend:- Can we go now? I’ve got sand inside my shoes, my ears, on my head. So let’s leave.

Girl:- You’re the one who did cart wheels on the beach. So it’s all on you.

Best friend:- I’m all dirty now. Let’s just go.

Girl:- No, no stay. Let’s leave after the sunset.

Best friend:- What’s up with you and sunsets huh. You’re way too obsessed with it.

Girl :- ( Holding his hands) Sunsets are like holding hands. You don’t know the reason but it just feels good. You feel safe, calm and it gives you a sort of warmth and it’s beautiful. And. . . .

Best friend:- And?

Girl:- Sunsets remind me of true love. It just tells me that the sun may rise everyday but it always belongs to the sea. Wherever it may rise it comes back into the sea.

Best friend:- You know in some places the Sun do rise from the sea.

Girl:- Stay in the moment. Spoiler! Let’s just talk about this beach now. I need water let me go get some. ( Stood up to leave)

Best friend :- ( holds her hand) You should find your sunset. Your parents are worried, you see. They wants you to have a family.

Girl:- My sunset! ( Laughs). You know how I am with Men. I’m afraid to even smile at them, lest hold their hands. My sunset ( laughing hard).

Best friend:- But I’m a Man and you’re holding my hands and it’s warm.

Girl:- Yeah! you’re different! Different than all the rest.

Best friend:- Then hold my hand forever.

Girl:- ( Kneels on the sand)

Best friend:- Let me be the sun, you be the sea. Hold my hand, feel the warmth. Let ‘us’ be the sunset forever and always. Stay with me forever and always.

Girl:- ( silent)

Best friend:- Say something!

Girl:- ( Hugs him) Well I want a beach wedding then.

( Both of them laughs)

Best friend:- I . . . . I .. I sun you.

Girl:- And I sea you.

Best friend :- Happy sunset crazy !

Girl:- I love you too. ( Smiles)



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Hi guys so, did you like the story???? It was a little different, so I’m confused so as to whether you’ll like it or not 😅.

You talk weird — 3

Best friend:- I want to tell you something.

Girl :- Yeah sure. What’s it lazy?

Best friend:- I love you. I don’t know when this happened, I don’t know the moment the time or why but I just love you.

Girl :- You know that I love you too.. very much . . . But I like someone.

Best friend:- What?

Girl :- I know this seems like stupid but this is it. I don’t know … I . We’ve been friends for years now. I know you completely and you’re basically a part of me. But . . .

Best friend:- But isn’t love bigger than like. Isn’t love supreme and above all.

Girl:- Yes love sure is bigger that’s why I love you because there’s nothing beyond that anybody can feel for anyone.

Best friends:- Then why like someone else. Why not love and like me? Only me.

Girl :- I love you most dearly. I love you and if I lose you then I don’t think I would be able to live because I love you and I love you very much. But I like him and I feels like I won’t be able to feel that way with anyone else.

Best friend:- What are you talking about?

Girl :- I don’t know. I have no idea.

Best friend:- Love is weird!

Girl :- Yes it is.

Best friend:- You talk weird!

Girl :- Yes I do.

Best friend:- You should know that I will always love you.

Girl :- Yes I know and I will always love you too.

Best friend:- Can we go home now? My Mamma wanted to see you.

Girl :- yessss. Oh it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her.

( Hugs each other and walks towards his bike)



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You talk weird – 2

Girlfriend :- I want a jar full of stars!

Poet:- you can get a glass jar and put in some lights. It will give you the feel of a night sky full of stars.

Girlfriend :- No, No, I want an actual jar, full of stars.

Poet:- Oh girl you need a sky full of stars.

Girlfriend:- Yeah true.

Poet:- Do you know that you have a heart full of stars!

Girlfriend:- Aww, now tell me, what about my jar of stars? When am I going to get it.

Poet:- Let me tell you this; Be my Moon and let me be your Sun and we’ll have kids for stars.

Girlfriend:- ( Laughs) You talk really weird. Remind me again, why did I ever fall for you.

Poet:- It’s because you’re crazy and I’m weird and thus we’re a perfect match.

Girlfriend :- Perfect!


( Eyes crossed, laughs turns to blushing smiles, holding hands and both gazes at the Moon )



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(With special inputs from a friend)

You talk weird. . . .

(Night time, starry sky Two best friends laying down on the grass and watching the wind flirt with leaves)

Best friend:- This isn’t right. You should stop this.

Poet:- what are you talking about? You’re thinking too much.

Best friend :- No I’m not thinking too much. He doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care about you. Then why are you still talking to him? Huh

Poet:- He’s sad, he’s broken he needs someone to care about him, he needs someone to listen to him, to help him.

Best friend :- Exactly, he needs someone to care for him just for him and he won’t do the same for you.

Poet :- So what? He needs someone to care for him and I need someone to love. I just need someone to love.

Best friend :- Love is really weird.

Poet :- I know. I know. You know most of the poets who writes love poems, they’ve only loved and never really were loved. Still they’ve immortalized love. You don’t need to be loved in order to have love in your life. You can also just love someone and have love in your life.

Best friend :- You talk weird . . . !

Poet :- I know ( smiles and looks at the moon)



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