To every WordPress blogger

Hi guys,

Okay this is not my regular poetry post. This is actually a post which I am writing to help some of my followers and friends so that they can clear all the troubles they are facing with their blog which they won’t even know is happening to them.

The WordPress app is a little faulty. when you are using the app, the app allows you to change your web address and links through the app itself but actually it doesn’t change your original web address and hence some of you may have done so much damage to your blog without actually noticing it and this might be causing you to not gain new followers, loss of likes and a decrease in status etc. This happened with me once and that’s why I am writing this post. To help people who are facing the same problem to let some of you know that you are facing a problem.

Now let’s get to the problem, what exactly am I talking about. When some people follows you or like your post or comment on your post, you won’t be able to see their tagline or usernames and you may see a link there. While in some blogs the link might not be a issue but in some blog the link will be. As you can see in the picture all the rest of the blogs are showing their tagline or usernames while one of the blog is just showing a link. And most of us do know that when people comment or follow us we check out their blog through these taglines or usernames and that’s how we start interacting with their blog.

In the below image you can see that in the comments notifications too you can’t see such people’s original links and this might affect your status so much because people can’t get to your blog from the below link.

What it should have looked like when you comments on someone’s blog is like this.

See that tagline, when we touch it, that directly takes us to their blog and that’s how most people read that respective blog’s posts or follow them. But when links like these 👇 appears we won’t be able to check out their blog.

And when we click on these links what it shows us is that the author have deleted the site. Yes that’s what it says.

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I’ve been absent from WordPress for quiet a while now. I still don’t know what went wrong with me, but just suddenly one day I just lost my mind, my will to live and a lot of other things happened too and everything that I loved started being a burden to me. And I just lost my interest in WordPress. Now I’m a trying to be back here, I’m here now and I still don’t know if I can be consistent again, hope I can. I used to love blogging and I love all you guys. Well this is not a personal blog and now I’ll stop talking about myself. Hope you’re all fine. And tell me in the comment section, what did I miss in the last one, two months and how are you all?.

How are you all ?

Hi guys,

How are you all doing? How your 2018? And how is 2019 treating you?

My 2018 was actually very good. It was fun, I had some good times, something very wonderful time. But 2019 has not been so nice. What 2019 taught me so far is that you can’t be happy always. And that you don’t need a reason to be sad, it just happens. Holding up through sadness is hard but holding up makes you strong and it teaches you things and I hope I am learning the right lessons. I have so many poems in draft and I don’t feels like posting them or completing the poems I have half written.

So while going through all this the only thing that’s going through my mind is that, if someone else is going through the same I would love to help them too. It’s tough this is tough but it’s a phase we all go through isn’t it. So tell me guys how are you ? And is there something you all want to share then the comment box is all open for you? Comment the happy and the sad things you have encountered this 2019. Let’s share our happiness and sadness and help and love each other.

With lots of love


When you can’t comment. 😥

Hi guys,

Sorry to disturb you with yet another problem of mine but I had to let you know that a part of me is in your spam. I’ve been commenting all day on all of your posts and most of them is likely to have ended up in your spam. This is the third time it has happened but it feels bad every time. So guys check your spam one or two of my comments might be resting there.

So now guys tell me has this ever happen to you if yes how many times has this happened to you? So comment guys and let’s let WordPress know that we aren’t liking this.

Some serious changes

Hi guys I’ve done some serious changes to my site and I thought it was okay to do so. No actually I knew that it could affect me badly still I went on with it. But still I don’t know how badly it is affected and this is to check if my post actually do appear on your reader. I wanna know actually how many people can see my post. I don’t know for sure anymore. One more thing guys it’s been a few days since I’ve been not so active on the site therefore I’ve not been able to like or comment on some of your posts. I’ll catch up with all your posts soon.

So how have you been guys? Let me know in the comment section.


Hey guys,

Today I wanted to ask you something different. What according to you is friendship? How do you define it?

I don’t socialize much. If I see a crowd or something first thing I do is avoid it. I used to hate first day at school and college etc. This was a problem because as a result of this behavior I didn’t make much friends. It takes about 3 months for me to actually accept a person to be my friend and in some cases it could take more time. Now I’m actually coming out of my shell and trying to be more social and accepting and stuff. Still I think I’m not getting any better. I have about 1 or 2 friends now.

So after a long time I made a new friend a couple of months ago. I dedicated a lot of my time for this person because I thought if I want a friend I should also try. So things were going fine I had a friend and I was a friend to someone and things were different, I must agree it felt good. But then one day I received a message from my friend and it read I have my exam in about 3 months so I won’t be able to talk to you till it’s over, So bye meet you after four months. I was like what!!!!! Friendship! now this is more different than what I thought.


So guys that was one of my weird experience at friendship. Do you have any such weird experience. And don’t forget to answer the above questions. I’m eagerly waiting for your answers.

A little help guys

Hi guys, one of our fellow blogging friend Anthony he had been blogging for six months now. He decided to change his web address and while doing that something happened and he lost all his followers. Now I don’t need to tell you that how hard it is to get follows. He had about 552 followers and he lost all of them. Now if that was me I would’ve given up blogging 😅 but he didn’t and now he’s back with a new blog. It will be very very helpful if you could follow his blog Life, words, and crafts.

Thank you guys for the help 😘.