I sort of published a book

Hey guys,

I have been a little busy with some things lately but now I’m here to let you know that I’ve self published a book. It was really exciting at first but now I’m all like what did I do and what’s going to happen, was it just so stupid of me to do this at this time and all 😅. Anyways I self published a book it’s called 21 at 21st. Currently it’s available on Notion press and soon it will be available on Amazon too. So for those of you who want to check the book out here is the link https://notionpress.com/read/21-at-21st

So I thank everyone for you support and help. I would have never wrote anything or published a book if it wasn’t for all you guys so thank you my lovelies.

Ps:- The book is only available in India

When you love a Sun and you are a Sun.

I love someone. He knows that I do but he doesn’t says anything about it though. He just said it’s gonna hurt. I asked him, who? And he said me and you both. When a Moon and a Sun is in love, they have eclipse, when a Sun loves a planet he Dawn on it as light. But what happens when a Sun is in love with another Sun? You simply just can’t do anything, other than feel the pain I guess. And I know it’s gonna hurt.


PS:- I’m not in love. Just some thoughts to ponder on, instilled by a friend.

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How I met my second love?

At a friend’s party, when everything except the music was boring and amidst all those new faces, sitting down was the only option and music was my only solace until he sat down next to me and suddenly Cold mess started playing in the stereo.

Please don’t play sad songs when I leave” 🎶 we both said that out loud together, that’s how we met. He looked at me and smiled and I returned a smile, we smiled looking at each other for about a minute and later became silent. Just the music and our thoughts.

A few seconds later he said hi and I said hi back and then again the same silence. He glanced at me a few times. I seriously don’t remember if we both were lucid that day. He looked at my toes when the lines ” and your toes touch. . Mine…” 🎶 And I knew he was special. He’ll be someone special.

” To sway just like, it was Friday night” 🎶

and I talked to him

Have you ever been in love? I asked him and to that all he had was a bewildered look and he kept silent. And I said, I didn’t mean the school/ college kind of love which is kind of like I’m in a relationship because I like him or her but rather have you ever loved a girl?

Loved someone so much that it makes your eyes water while just talking about love?

And his reply was, I see you have been in love and handed me a handkerchief. I just smiled and dried my damp eyes. Then we looked at each other for a while again and didn’t talk.

Then he asked me, do you still love him?

Always, love is an endless pit, you can’t stop falling once you start, I replied.

“I wish I could leave you my love but my heart is a mess” 🎶

Silence again.

“When I feel cold ” 🎶

He then put his hand around my shoulder and said, love is strange. And that very moment I knew that he understands me. And I said yes it is, yes it is.

This is how we met,

and he said please play love songs when I leave and call me back or I’ll have to come back and beg you to take me back.

PS: all this was just fiction and I am an ardent lover of this song it just makes me feel sooooo good. So guys if you haven’t heard it yet listen to cold mess by prateek Kuhad.


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We broke it/us

What would you do if something is so right? I once asked him. He replied; we make it wrong.

That’s exactly what happened with us. We were so textbook right that, we made us wrong.

1) Keeping count of time.

We used to talk always, we used to talk a lot and when we started talking less, that time difference played an important role in keeping us apart. We were so scared that we were drifting away just because we talked less. We were actually more scared that we sort of started thinking it as a timetable that we forgot to follow. Our first mistake was that we convinced ourselves that time was ripping us off but it was our thoughts that was doing so. We gave importance to something which didn’t matter. Time never mattered feelings did .Don’t mess that up.

2) We shared ourselves too much.

We were so open with each other that we always felt like we were always with each other. But then we shared everything that things slowly started to be a ritual. More like calendar work. And finally like a recluse we forgot which day it was and what week. Stay together but not within each other, just together. I know that now.

3) I take you back, every time you come back.

You leave for your own good, I make peace with it, I sob, I lament, I cry, I break myself into pieces and I lay there on the floor trying to pick myself up. Convincing myself this is life and no fairytale, then you come back and I take you in because my heart still is convinced it’s a fairy tale.

4) You collect my broken pieces.

You leave, you come back, you leave, you come back and when I let you in, I never notices that you came back to get a part from my broken pieces and then walk away again. Then come back again when you miss me collect another part and leave. But what I should have known was, if I let you continue this, I wouldn’t be able to stand up on myself with all those missing pieces of myself.

5) We broke each other.

We were so right for each other that we couldn’t stand it and ended up ruining ourselves and our mind. Are you over me yet?



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I sometimes feel your fingernails digging deep into my scars, as if to claw out the darkness inside and to find it’s roots, then root it out and plant orange zinnias there with kisses. Sometimes it’s just a soft touch at the nape of my neck, where I’ve hidden the last of my innocence. So very innocent like a child with only two teeth. I hope you never find that child.

You have always known that my heart is a sparrow trapped in an abandoned tower, who knows the tower way too much, who has studied each and every one of the paintings in it’s wall and is not afraid to spread it’s wings and touch, each one of the cracks in those whispering walls and who is painfully waiting for the walls to fall down so that it can escape the tower, which even the dragons has abandoned. But if the tower falls down the sparrow dies. That’s the end.

The only place in my body without scars, is my heart. That is because scars are wounds that are healed and the wounds in my heart still stays afresh, hence there are no scars. And that’s why I never let anyone touch it, not even love. You can claw at my scars as much as you want but not my wounds, because it hurts and I am still alive, therefore I’m afraid you can still hurt me and I’m afraid I might let you. Because love does that to me you see! You don’t believe me, then look at my heart.



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Father- A short story

Someone asked me; Have you ever heard God’s voice. This took me back to that day, when I first heard his voice. I was fighting with God and I said to him, I am the unluckiest among all the people I know for I don’t even have a father. At that very moment, he asked me back, then Then who am I ? That was the very moment I got to know that actually, I was one among the luckiest in this world. For God is my father.