How are you all ?

Hi guys,

How are you all doing? How your 2018? And how is 2019 treating you?

My 2018 was actually very good. It was fun, I had some good times, something very wonderful time. But 2019 has not been so nice. What 2019 taught me so far is that you can’t be happy always. And that you don’t need a reason to be sad, it just happens. Holding up through sadness is hard but holding up makes you strong and it teaches you things and I hope I am learning the right lessons. I have so many poems in draft and I don’t feels like posting them or completing the poems I have half written.

So while going through all this the only thing that’s going through my mind is that, if someone else is going through the same I would love to help them too. It’s tough this is tough but it’s a phase we all go through isn’t it. So tell me guys how are you ? And is there something you all want to share then the comment box is all open for you? Comment the happy and the sad things you have encountered this 2019. Let’s share our happiness and sadness and help and love each other.

With lots of love


Why do goodbyes . . .

Why do we want people to stay

Only when they bid adieu ?

Why didn’t we want to hold them near

When we were their dear ?

Why do smiles fail and eyes talk

When we hear goodbyes ?

Why does something that starts

With a good feels this bad in our hearts ?

Why do we still stay there under the

Same tree in the rain, even though

Seasons changed so many times ?

Why did we feel as if we’ve parted

With our soul, when they’ve parted with us ?

Why do we hear their words

Incessantly echoing in our ears,

And our heartbeats stays the same ?

Why do goodbyes hurts this much ?

Why do some goodbyes hurts this much ?



© 28/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Be the Miracle

Hi guys,

Do you guys believe in miracles? If you don’t then you should, because we ourselves are miracles. You haven’t thought about it like that have you. Then start thinking about it like that. We are Miracles. Still don’t believe me, now think about this, have you ever helped someone in need, have you ever helped someone cross a street or shared a meal with someone who couldn’t afford it, helped someone who was in a crisis, said it’s okay to someone who was going through something bad and helped them get out of it, helped someone cheer up in bad times, gave someone hope of a good future in desperate times, gave someone your shoulders to cry on, listened to someone who needed someone to listen to them . . . . . .

If you did any of the above and there more too, if you helped somebody and anybody then you are a miracle, you were the miracle they we’re waiting to happen in their lives. And Just like that there was a lot of people who were a miracle in our lives too. Who helped us in desperate times and made our lives better and beautiful. So yeah we all are miracles, we just have to believe that we are one.

We are all God’s creations and God creates nothing less than a miracle,and we are God’s favorite creation, so then how can we not be a miracle. So yes you are a miracle, I am a miracle and we all are miracles. So let’s just believe in that and be a miracle today, do something miraculous today and change somebody’s life.

God loves you, he loves every one of his miracles, so be the Miracle and see the Miracle. God bless you 🤗


She was twelve

They were twelve

They were in lust

She was in pain

They were more learned

Than she was

She was more human

Than all of them combined

She was screaming . . . .

They were laughing

She now rests in the hands of God

Their fates resided in the hands of Lady Justice

Themis herself was nothing but a statue

She was not served with blind justice, but

The justice was blind to her

This world was biased

The next world will serves them right I guess because

In the next world she’s safe and an angel In the garden of God

While they will be punished for God is not blind

They will lie in the firey pit

In the bed of worms

Enjoying the ecstacy of pain

For all of eternity.



© The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


The walking dead is everywhere

Even the skeletons in the closet isn’t safe.

They walk so slow but their eyes work fast

As soon as they see their prey.

Wearing facades they walk among us

Deceiving our eyes.

They hides in plain sight, lying with an altruist’s mask.

But mean they are and keen they see

Waiting for a perfect moment to feed on us

To draw out our blood, dry our veins

Break our bones, burn our skin and

Throw us naked on the floor,

After eating our soul

Then they accuse us, of doing that on our own.

By regaining strength we try and get back up

But the rest of the zombies

Who’s feelings died long back

Shames us in public and in courts.

So finally we die without Chasity

Just because we lived as a human

In the world ruled by zombies!



©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

At the crossroad – 2

At the crossroads where

Everything was blurry

I met a stranger

Who’s name I’ve heard of

But haven’t met yet

Who’s voice I’ve neglected several times

But this time it felt more deep and assertive

At the crossroad where

Confusion ruled my mind stronger than ever

Where questions echoed in my mind

What more? what next?

Which turn? Why turn?

My heart felt like

A butterfly inside a jar

In that very hour of unrest

That mellifluous voice

Which I’ve shut out

Hummed in my ears again

Where to turn this time?

I listened to the stranger’s ways

Which felt absurd to me at times

Absurd or not I took the turn

And it changed my life forever and ever

At the crossroads where

Everything was blurry

I met a stranger

Who helped me find my way

That stranger was me!



©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Oppressed Voices

The music of your breath

Feels boisterous to my ears now

For they are tormenting me

Day by day, echoing

Incessantly in my ears . . . .

The rhyme that once

Feasted my eyes is now

Making them water in ice and blue

The startling paradoxes

Stare at me with a smirk in it’s face

The striking similes

Questions my sanity

Lost I am in the morals of your parables

They rain heavy in my conscience

Feeding my inner conflict

Suppressing my ideals and faith

Replacing my palaces of hope

With your own answers and robbing

Me of my mistakes, findings, learnings and reasoning

The music of your breath

Feels boisterous to my ears now

For they sing my verse

Which was not written by me!



©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Silence in our hearts

The silence is piercing into my ears

Breaking this silence I’ve tried

The agony of the incomplete expressions

The weight of the unspoken verse

Pulling my heart down

The love that we shared

Still remains but

What reigns now is misinterpreted thoughts

You’re there within my hands distance

Yet you’re not there

For I’ve lost you to silence

I wish that my soul could converse

What’s in my heart

My soul talks and your heart listens

I wish that the music of unity fills this silence

And we could dance forevermore in pair.


©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!