Who is she?

I was Ten when darkness caught me

Even those four walls were blind to me

They did so many things, I yelled in pain

Half the time I wasn’t even awake

But my soul yelled even then

I didn’t know what they did or why

They did that and my tears we’re neglected

This continued for days and months

I lost count after that,

Days and months passed by but

I couldn’t care less and slowly I gave in

I felt mechanical at times,

The rest of the time I felt dead

Then all of a sudden I was granted light

It felt different, being dumped in a graveyard

But still I felt happy, free at last I think

Then I felt some immense pain inside me

More pain than what they gave me

During all these months combined

I fell down, screamed and yelled for help for hours

Then it stopped , I was drenched in blood

Suddenly I heard a cry other than mine

It was a baby I wondered how it came there all of a sudden

But It was connected to me through a chord

She looks like me

I think she’s my sister

Is she?


©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Boat People

The violent waves in the sea was

More calm that what happened in the land

We started off this journey with

Five in the boat but now

Only I remain, but should I care.

I asked mommy why did we leave

Why the exodus?

She said something about religion

I didn’t understand

She said something about a refugee

I didn’t know who that was

She said something about not belonging

I didn’t know why

I just know this…….. I, Pappa, Mamma,

My two sisters and brothers set out

On a journey to nowhere and said

It was for safety but now

Only I remain and the sea took the rest

Now I wonder what Mamma was talking about

Was it about me? Us?

Why did we have to leave

She said we were different

But I have legs, eyes, hands and ears

Just like the rest

Now I just pray to the Lord

The Lord who made us,

Who shares with us even his own home heaven

But they humans are so selfish that

They can’t even share piece of land

Hence we sail the ocean

In search of acceptance

Because we are cast out for they are scared of us

Scared that we might take over

Absurd it is

Oh Lord help them.


©The Rendezvous Club

Dedicated to the refugees of the world.

You do belong to this world. This Earth belongs to you too.

Black paint on my canvas

The Sparks that flew off the metal rod

While it was dragged along the road towards the house

Fails to amaze me for I knew what was going to happen

I listened to the melody of the rock

Against the metal as it came closer and closer

I always wondered what desecrated

The shrine of humanity in him

Why did he always smell of sulphur

What made him an inverterate abuser

The moment the door shut

Shivering I stay, not being able to look at his face.

The blows of the metal rod fell more hard

On her heart than on her body

The tempestuous wind never calmed down

Inside these four walls . . . .

So many days, so many blows,

So many metal rods, blood and marks and cuts and screams.

I wish Mamma was bold

But never did she let the metal rod touch me,

But I wish that she did that for her too. . . .

She says that he was never always like this

But still he’s the smear of black paint

On my canvas

He’s the indelible mark on my childhood. . . .

He is my Pappa and I wish that he wasn’t.


©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

You are what you think!

You are what you think, or let me just change that you are what you say you are. That’s the truth, our words describes us. What’s the first thing we do when we get up🤔. We starts thinking and our morning thoughts lays foundation to how the rest of the day is going to be built on. Yesterday I attended a church service and the pastor said that the first thing we should do in the morning is go in front of the mirror and smile. That’s the first thing we should do because our smile can give us a lot of positive energy.

Our words matter a lot. What comes out of our mouth matters a lot. The first person who hears what we say is us. So we should always say positive things. I was a positive person and used to say only positive things but recently I have been looking down on life and talking all things bad about life and the result of that was I was depressed. I was depressed because I made myself depressed.

Our words matter and we should love ourselves too. Only if we love ourselves shall others be able to love us. We should go in front of the mirror and tell ourselves that we can do it, that we are beautiful and thank God for the beauty he has given us. We’re all beautiful we’re all loving creatures and firstly we have to accept that. Whenever I’m happy I always talk to myself in the mirror and i sing if I was you by Megan Trainor that always gets me in a happiness high.

Last but not least only if we believe we can then only we be able to do something. We should first believe in ourselves. If we feels like doing something then we should just go ahead and do it. And if we have a goal or a dream don’t listen to others just listen to what your heart is saying. Remember… If someone tells you that you can’t achieve something then tell them that

You have no limits and you don’t need to hear theirs.

So guys just love yourself, always be positive, be careful with your words because they can impact you a lot and believe in yourself.


I had been feeling a lot depressed just before yesterday and some of you might have got that from my previous post. And yesterday I attended a church service and it was very blessed. You are what you speak! That was the message and this post was completely inspired by that message. The service actually took away all my worries and sadness and I’m very very happy now. And I’ve decided to focus on my words from now on cause my words make me because they have power. If I say I can’t then I wouldn’t be able to, if I say I can then I can. It’s all in the word. And thank you for your love and concern love you all.

Stay blessed my dears 😘😘😘

I am free

I am free If I could hide

What has tied my hands.

I am free if the chains around my legs

Didn’t pull me down.

I am free if I could walk the streets

Without the fear not of darkness

But of what’s hiding in it’s shadows.

I am free if I could sleep safe and sound

In my house without being afraid

Of the sounds knocking on the door

Without my Chasity being robbed.

I am free if nobody said that my limit

Started and ended with being a girl.

I am free if my life was given value

Which it deserved . . . Will it. . .

I am free if the colors in my heart

Were allowed to stay as they are and

Not washed in red. . . .

I am free if what I eat is just my right

And noboy else put their nose into it .

I am free if my mind was allowed

To wander all around without

Restrictions and silly comments

Without accusations and pointing fingers.

I am free if ‘it’s because you’re a girl’

Wasn’t a line that echoed in my ear

All my life and if ‘you’re a girl’

Wasn’t a line that’s incessantly

Buzzed in my ear throughout my life.

I am free, yes I’m free

Because my freedom was served to me

In a platter so big but. . . .

But it’s just that mouths are plastered

And hands are tied

And the freedom was served in a

big platter and it’s right there

In front of my eyes

But mouths are plastered and hands tied.

© The Rendezvous Club

Untamed creature

Oh! Untamed creature

Who roam the skies

I’ve seen you in cages

But you never surrender

For once the cage was open

You’ll always fly for the sky.


Oh! Ambitious creature

Who’s eyes are always set upon heaven

I’ve seen you touch the clouds

But you never stopped there

For once you touch a cloud

You’ll always want to go higher.


Oh! Fearless creature

Who gives wings to thoughtless desires

I’ve seen you travel to distances long

But you never gave up dreaming

For once you conquer a place

You’ll always have more to beat.


Oh! Wandering creature

Who enjoys life like no one else

I’ve seen your wings how light they are

But you never bother, you just raise them high

For once you start fluttering your wings

You’ll always be wandering about

You know know land and only heaven exists.


Now listen my heart

Be untamed like the bird

Let your ambitions give you wings

And take you up high

Be a wanderer like the bird

Let your mind wander up high

And conquer zenith’s height.

Be fearless like the bird

For you have mountains to

Thread and dreams to catch

For you have mountains to

Thread and dreams to catch.


© The Rendezvous Club

In the Dark valleys and Open grounds

Where are we safe

I enquire

For in every dark corner

Hides a shadow waiting. . . . .

Waiting to grab hold of us

Of our innocence, our bodies

To destroy the purity

Of our souls and

Stain our hearts.

The evil that lurks

In the dark valleys

And open grounds

Captured her painted her black

Torn pieces of clothes

Here and there

Fragments and bits of

Scream can be heard

Tears in her eyes

Blood in their mouth

Begging for life

Chasity robbed

Broken hands and

She can’t stand

They had what they came for

Now she’s left there to die

And be eaten by more of those. . . .

Where are we safe

I enquired

For in every dark corner

Hides a shadow waiting. . . . .


©The Rendezvous Club