Are you guys facing this?

Hi guys,

This is one of those posts where I tell you about the problem that I’m facing on WordPress. I can’t like a lot of your posts and not even mine.

I spent hours reading your posts and commenting on them but now I can’t. I like your post and when I go back my like is gone. This has been happening for a few days now and I’m so irritated. So I thought I should let you all know about this and I want to know if this is happening with you too.

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Let that be now

One day I’ll die and you won’t even know,

What I’ve been through.

I’ll just be a smear of black paint in the wide space,

Unseen by the eyes.

I’ll never see a star nor be one, I’ve never shined,

Not even once.

I’ll never be good, good enough, enough now,

Now it’s time to die.

I did try hard, to stay alive, I tried to breathe,

As hard as I can.

But the air got stuck in the vortex in between,

my mind and heart.

And tears lodged my lungs making it unbearable for me,

To carry on any further.

So one day, I’ll die, let that be now,

Why not now.



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12:14 AM

How does silence feels like to you?

To me it’s deafening,

Hard to understand, easy to read

Like dreams, so silent

You do not hear nothing in it yet

You feel everything

But they slowly degrade into nothing

But the mystery awaits,

To be solved and to go undetected

Having a placental duty

Lost at the first beat of Melody

However nourishing

Whatever that was inside, a void perhaps

What does a void,

Gives birth to at midnight in silence

Gladly deaf thoughts perhaps.

Did you understand me?

Why the silence then!



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Gift Love this Christmas

Luke 2:10-11 but the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people. This very day in David’s town your Savior was born—Christ the Lord!”

The easiest and the bestest gift we humans can give one another is always love. But unfortunately that’s what we lack now ‘ Love ‘ . The ultimate message delivered by Jesus is love. He came down to earth to love us and to teach us to love. Today we’re remembering the birth of Christ, so why not remember his message to love, to love one another. Love is the best Christmas gift we can give. God himself said that love is the greatest of all things and without love we’re nothing. We always try and give others the bestest and the greatest things we can gift them. The best to our capability, then this Christmas gift each other love and be the happiest this Christmas. Christ said that; It’s through your love that the world will know that you are my disciple. So guys enjoy this Christmas with lots of joy, love, hugs, kisses and smiles. So guys are you ready to gift Love this Christmas?

Oh and I forgot one important thing, wishing you all lovelies a merry Christmas filled with lots of love and hugs. Love you all 😘😘😘.


Love is . . .

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about you. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten you. I don’t recognize the presence of my hand until it gets stuck somewhere or hits somewhere and all of a sudden I starts feeling it. Just like that you are a part of me and I don’t always have to think of you to not forget you. Sometimes I go on days thinking without you, it feels like I’m betraying my heart. Love is irreplaceable, what you have in me nobody could replace. For it’s embedded and divided equally amongst all of my cells. I agree someday someone else might come, but, you are what you are to me, my forever. My left arm simply can’t replace my right one, can it?

It’s been months since I’ve watched the sun dawn and how the redness of the Sun breaks the silence of the sea. It was always your thing. But you know what, I’ve realized now that, at a fixed point of time sunsets also looks like Dawn and it reminds me of you. I tried avoiding sunsets a lot after that but it’s hard to do it when you are living near the beach. Now when the redness breaks the sea it breaks me too and when I see someone crying I feel numb and frozen for a few seconds for that also reminds me of you. You have no idea how much tears resembles waves and you can see the sky at dawn in every teary red eyes.

Even the air around me is never silent, it always calls your name, and I breathe you, I breathe your name. And as I am taking in the air around me and slowly exhaling, I can hear your name. It’s calling for you always. Incessantly. I remember that day when you recited a poem by Rumi to me, so vividly and with every little detail.

The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing

How blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere

They are in each other all along.

— Rumi

I didn’t understand it then. I didn’t understand the poem yet I nodded my head and held on to your hands so strong just to show you that how deep it made me move but I had no idea what it was. But I do now. My love for you made me into a poet and I understand each one of those syllables. I feel you completely in me and i don’t miss you because you are within me yet I do long for you ever so ardently. I still love you.

Goodbye’s are

Only for those

Who love with

Their eyes

Because who love

With heart and

Soul there is no

Such thing as separation.

— Rumi.

I still love you.. . . . . .



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Yearning for Light

The passing by vehicles headlamps light

Beamed at the window up front at times

Disrupting the movement of thick oozing

Darkness that completed the room.

I lay on the floor motionless

Breathing, presumably not dead.

The endearing pain inside me is reminding me

Of my undead state.

I lay on the floor with a blanket

Of darkness covering me

In an other window I could see light

It’s flickering and inconsistent.

It lights up at times when

I close my eyes and it turns

Itself off when I need it the most

And darkness sets in again.

I wish that a passing by vehicle

Would stop near the window up front

And stay there all night long,

Lighting up the window with it’s beaming light

Giving me light in this dark still night.

Maybe take away some pain

From this long dead heart.

Until sun rises in the morning

And lights my world, until then

I wish the vehicle to stay there

Near the window and

Give me some temporary light.



©12/11/18 The Rendezvous Club

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Between Moon and Me

The sky candle was put out,

The sky dressed in all shades of black,

And shades of grey here and there,

The Moon glows bright in the starless sky

I whispered in your ears that

I hate the depressions in the moon

Because they make the moon look dark at times.

Each of those depressions have one lost soul

Whining the loss of their long lost love

With a broken heart.

Then a gentle breeze carried us back to love

As I lay by your side, you holding my hands,

Gazing at the moon, forgetting the world

Just the moon and us,

You said you saw the stars in my eyes

But for me you are my Moon

And I wish to take away the depressions in your heart

When your soul meets mine.



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