Yearning for Light

The passing by vehicles headlamps light

Beamed at the window up front at times

Disrupting the movement of thick oozing

Darkness that completed the room.

I lay on the floor motionless

Breathing, presumably not dead.

The endearing pain inside me is reminding me

Of my undead state.

I lay on the floor with a blanket

Of darkness covering me

In an other window I could see light

It’s flickering and inconsistent.

It lights up at times when

I close my eyes and it turns

Itself off when I need it the most

And darkness sets in again.

I wish that a passing by vehicle

Would stop near the window up front

And stay there all night long,

Lighting up the window with it’s beaming light

Giving me light in this dark still night.

Maybe take away some pain

From this long dead heart.

Until sun rises in the morning

And lights my world, until then

I wish the vehicle to stay there

Near the window and

Give me some temporary light.



©12/11/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


Between Moon and Me

The sky candle was put out,

The sky dressed in all shades of black,

And shades of grey here and there,

The Moon glows bright in the starless sky

I whispered in your ears that

I hate the depressions in the moon

Because they make the moon look dark at times.

Each of those depressions have one lost soul

Whining the loss of their long lost love

With a broken heart.

Then a gentle breeze carried us back to love

As I lay by your side, you holding my hands,

Gazing at the moon, forgetting the world

Just the moon and us,

You said you saw the stars in my eyes

But for me you are my Moon

And I wish to take away the depressions in your heart

When your soul meets mine.



© The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


On Love and On Marriage — A Collaboration, part -2

The piece below is part two in a collaboration between myself and the very gifted poet Auroraborous, of the blog Objects and the distance between them. This piece was written over a period of time through various communications revolving around a Q/A about love, and marriage.

The text on the left was written by me. The text on the right was written by Auroraborous.

I believe in myths and fairy-tale
I believe that skies are red and
Darkness is green and that
Waves in the ocean are transparent yellow
And just like that I believe in love.
I believe that it exists and
The world condenses to form love.

Crossing hands and holding them
Vowing never to part
A silver thread from the heart
Tied a knot around
Bonded by the thread
They walked down the aisle
Expecting this bond to last
For the vows said not to part
But what if the thread is cut
What if the heart that was one
Now separated from the soul
Blind in Love then they was
Now slowly slowly see
Looking slowly slowly inside each other
Now their love turned blind!

I believe that anything is possible
That even legends are steeped in truth
That the sky is boundless and far in the distance there are flames
That the black of the shadows holds tight to every color
And that, laying just beneath the surface of the ocean’s Azure waters
You can look up and see the sun shining through the clear, crystal waves

I believe that words hold power
And as such
Those with the gifts to speak and transcribe them
Wield immense capabilities
To define for themselves
And for those who will listen
What is
And what is not


They say love is patient
That it relies not on sight
But on something more
Something deep
Beneath the skin and beneath even the veins and ventricles
That it resides not in the minutes and the hours, the days or the weeks
But in the years

So often
We are quick to make decisions
Thinking them correct and perhaps they are so
But only in the moment they are made
And by the time we have realized how much further they extend
It is too late


On Fear — A collaboration, part – 1

The piece below is part one in a collaboration between myself and the very gifted poet and my favorite Blogger Auroraborous , of the blog Objects, and the distance between them . This piece was written over a period of time through various communications revolving around a Q/A about fear, love, and marriage.

The text on the left was written by me. The text on the right was written by Auroraborous.

I fear not fear
Nor death nothing near
The darkness at noonday
Or the light inside the cave
Fails to instill fear in me
The dusky shadows or the
Blood filled honest embraces
I know them not fear them
But I fear, oh I fear
For we humans
Can’t live without them
I fear love
I fear care
I fear every step that come near
I fear fear
I fear you
And I fear myself the most.

What beasts are we
To have conquered all that we see
In the pale light of a new dawn;
Or is it just patterns against the wall?
We are not afraid;
For what shadows move these days
Save those cast our own unfamiliar appetites
That we do not already own?

But we tremble nonetheless, yes, we shudder with fright
At the ever-present awareness
That we can never stop.

We love fear.
We care not.
We step ever closer.

I have known fear,
I have known love,
And I fear the absence thereof more than anything.


Dream !

This was so amazing



But you know
there are many words
that I want to say to you
that will remain between
my lips, stitched,
like the water in the vast ocean
just touches the shore
gently and then recedes.

But may be in the faded light
of the faint moonlit sky
as you sleep to the sound
of peaceful night
I will whisper those words
in your ear
which you can’t hear
but may be
I will dream of you
dreaming those words.


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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello guys I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Jessy. Thank you Jessy for the nomination. And guys if you aren’t following her I hope that you do now.

The Rules

  • Thank to the person that nominated you.
  • Link the post back to them.
  • Display the picture on your post.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Provide 11 questions for your nominees.

Questions Asked:-

  1. What inspires your writing?

Everything, sometimes I don’t even know what inspires me. I just write.

2. What did you want to be when you “grow up,” and are you doing that?

I’m already a grown up I think 😂. Maybe not 😂. My biggest dream ever is to be a wanderer and roam around the world. And yeah I’m doing everything I can to get lost in the world.

3. How do you spend you free time?

I always spend my free time with my family. Mostly with my Mom.

4. Where is your favorite place to sit in your home?

I don’t have a particular place at home which is my favorite. As long as it’s home I’m comfortable anywhere.

5. What is an ideal vacation for you?

I have a friend who loves the mountains and we’ve been talking a lot about mountains and I think now I’m also addicted to it. ( I hope he doesn’t see this. I don’t want him to find out that he got me hooked to it)

6. What is the most annoying question people ask you?

There are so many. I always avoids or change the subject when such things comes up. So I guess it okay.

7. If all jobs paid the same and had the same hours, what job would you have?

Seriously I’ve never thought about it.

8. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

That would be inside my mind. That’s is the most interesting place I’ve ever been. Maybe you should visit it sometimes. You’ll be amazed and scared at what you find there.

9. Are you usually early or late?

I’m either too early or too late 😂

10. What are some small things that make your day better?

Smiles. I love smiles. It makes my day always.

11. If you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future, when would you call and what would you say?

If that was possible I would make a phone call to myself four years ago and would say don’t do it.

My nominees











My Questions

1. Have you ever tried to impress someone and failed miserably?

2. One thing that you never ever wanna do?

3. How much do you enjoy blogging?

4. What’s the best ever blog post that you’ve ever read?

5. If you could’ve been a superhero who would you be?

6. Are you an obsessive thinker? If yes why do you think so?

7. Which is the one animal which you are most afraid of?

8. If you were given a chance to meet any three of your fellow blogging friends who would that be and why?

9. What is your craziest dream/ wish?

10. What’s your favorite food?

11. What’s your most favorite word?


That’s it thank you guys 😘