When I say I love you — YouTube video

Hey guys, my new YouTube video is out. With you support and love I now have about 67 subscribers and hence thank you for the love you have shared upon me and I hope you check out my new video too and if you still haven’t checked out my channel yet I hope you do now. Here’s the link to my new video 👉 Link check it out and let me know how you feel.

Thank you all for your love.

With love Adithya ❤️❤️❤️

Tell me

My mouth opens

Only to say death chants.

Death resides in each and

Every corner of the cinder blocks

Thats used to build this

Tomb in which I resides.

Hairs fall upon my facial skin

Like sheets of ice glass on

Delicate earth covering the

Chasm to it’s heart.

I breathe in to, let the demons out

Each sigh leavese like a scream

Slowly but with a mighty echo in caves.

My pupils are dilated

I am sick, sick of the salt touches

On my wrist and the licking of sweet honey

From my chins.

There is something hiding in

These cement corners and

I blindly slip and falls on top

Of each poems but they never

Leads me to a kill.

The cuckoos they call out my name

After sunsets but I don’t know

Where they are, it’s darkness

It’s darkness outside like

The dark hair of a maiden

Who appears to be in love.

Like that of a dark eyes of

A sailor who’s eyes enlarges at

The sight of a tsunami approaching.

Now, take my hand and

Kiss my nails

Smell the blood on my wrist

Place a block of ice on my lips

Tell me it will be alright.

I slipped and fell on a poem,

But it leads me not to a kill.

Tell me it’s alright

Tell me I’m safe.

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