Sunset talks

Best friend:- Can we go now? I’ve got sand inside my shoes, my ears, on my head. So let’s leave.

Girl:- You’re the one who did cart wheels on the beach. So it’s all on you.

Best friend:- I’m all dirty now. Let’s just go.

Girl:- No, no stay. Let’s leave after the sunset.

Best friend:- What’s up with you and sunsets huh. You’re way too obsessed with it.

Girl :- ( Holding his hands) Sunsets are like holding hands. You don’t know the reason but it just feels good. You feel safe, calm and it gives you a sort of warmth and it’s beautiful. And. . . .

Best friend:- And?

Girl:- Sunsets remind me of true love. It just tells me that the sun may rise everyday but it always belongs to the sea. Wherever it may rise it comes back into the sea.

Best friend:- You know in some places the Sun do rise from the sea.

Girl:- Stay in the moment. Spoiler! Let’s just talk about this beach now. I need water let me go get some. ( Stood up to leave)

Best friend :- ( holds her hand) You should find your sunset. Your parents are worried, you see. They wants you to have a family.

Girl:- My sunset! ( Laughs). You know how I am with Men. I’m afraid to even smile at them, lest hold their hands. My sunset ( laughing hard).

Best friend:- But I’m a Man and you’re holding my hands and it’s warm.

Girl:- Yeah! you’re different! Different than all the rest.

Best friend:- Then hold my hand forever.

Girl:- ( Kneels on the sand)

Best friend:- Let me be the sun, you be the sea. Hold my hand, feel the warmth. Let ‘us’ be the sunset forever and always. Stay with me forever and always.

Girl:- ( silent)

Best friend:- Say something!

Girl:- ( Hugs him) Well I want a beach wedding then.

( Both of them laughs)

Best friend:- I . . . . I .. I sun you.

Girl:- And I sea you.

Best friend :- Happy sunset crazy !

Girl:- I love you too. ( Smiles)



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Hi guys so, did you like the story???? It was a little different, so I’m confused so as to whether you’ll like it or not 😅.

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

I opened the door

I remember the day when my whole world came crashing down on me. When my yesteryears sin came knocking on my door and I let it in. when I let it hold me and take control of me and made space for it in my heart, again. Walking past the dead cells caused by cuts and bruises which has not yet turned into a dried up scar and is still raw, I could sense death. The doom of me was lurking in ever corner and i could find traces of that in my skin which was once alive and glowing. I could foresee the impending death of the purity in my soul, which I had gained through years of resistance and repentance.

I tried resisting my heart , but the words that darkness painted in front of me made it hard for me to resist the temptation. I tried pulling by the chain, which once helped me contain my inconsistent heart but with every pull my heart ached and so did I and I finally gave in. I opened the door and I gave in.

Now I lay here collapsed at the center of my youth, not being able to pick myself up from my putrid vomit of my sin, begging my Lord to give me one more chance and to restore my strength again, while the air was filled with asphyxiating stench of betrayal.

“I am sorry”.

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