De-addiction centre please

Dear Friend,

I went to a de-addiction centre yesterday but they wouldn’t take me. They said that, they only admit people with real addiction. But I am addicted, I’m always high or tipsy and I want to be sober and get rid of this crazy self. But they say, well the doctors tested me and said that I’m not eligible to undergo treatment in a de-addiction centre. Alas but my symptoms are getting worse….

My hands are shaking, I’m always lost in thoughts, my wings don’t work properly, my hallucinations.. yes I do hallucinate and they’re increasing day by day. I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not. I’m even struggling to breathe without my drug. Im weak and too tired to even stand up dear .And it’s like my arrows are stricking me only. I’ve been stealing from work too because I can’t get enough of the drug. This is the third de-addiction centre who’ve rejected me saying that there’s nothing wrong with me and that I’m not an addict.

But I’m telling you and you please believe me. ‘I’m an Addict’. I’m always high on love. I’m addicted to Love dear. It’s really hard to do what I do and not be an addict. So will please be kind to me and find me a Love de-addiction centre please.

With Love ( not this again)

By yours sincerely

Cupid 💘