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You talk weird — 3

Best friend:- I want to tell you something.

Girl :- Yeah sure. What’s it lazy?

Best friend:- I love you. I don’t know when this happened, I don’t know the moment the time or why but I just love you.

Girl :- You know that I love you too.. very much . . . But I like someone.

Best friend:- What?

Girl :- I know this seems like stupid but this is it. I don’t know … I . We’ve been friends for years now. I know you completely and you’re basically a part of me. But . . .

Best friend:- But isn’t love bigger than like. Isn’t love supreme and above all.

Girl:- Yes love sure is bigger that’s why I love you because there’s nothing beyond that anybody can feel for anyone.

Best friends:- Then why like someone else. Why not love and like me? Only me.

Girl :- I love you most dearly. I love you and if I lose you then I don’t think I would be able to live because I love you and I love you very much. But I like him and I feels like I won’t be able to feel that way with anyone else.

Best friend:- What are you talking about?

Girl :- I don’t know. I have no idea.

Best friend:- Love is weird!

Girl :- Yes it is.

Best friend:- You talk weird!

Girl :- Yes I do.

Best friend:- You should know that I will always love you.

Girl :- Yes I know and I will always love you too.

Best friend:- Can we go home now? My Mamma wanted to see you.

Girl :- yessss. Oh it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her.

( Hugs each other and walks towards his bike)



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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility


I can hear my ribs crack

One by one

Letting something out that

I’ve been hiding inside.

The very thing that broke my heart

Oozing out into my bloodstream

Bathing my organs in it.

Now my ribs too crack,

To the melody of a broken heart

Beat again.

Let it hurt, let my ribs break,

Let the love that I’ve tamed and

Caged inside me break out.

I am human after all

Bound to love.

When it will break me,

Break everything in me

I shall feel no more

But the world shall feel my love.

Who said love is painful?

Love caged is painful.

And when you let it free

You free yourself too.



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Banging my head

Banging my head on the wall

Hoping that this sound will last

Because the words that you left behind

They never left my ears and it’s drilling inside my head.

Chills traveling down my spine,

I gave you my heart and you broke it in half

Drowned one half in the ocean of words

And burned the other in the flame of hate.

I feel weak after you’ve left

I thought you to be true, more true

Than the light the sun holds.

And actually you didn’t leave

I pushed you out and

I used up all my strength for that.

Now I’m weak but I know this weakness

Will make me strong.

Banging in the same place repeatedly

Will make you numb but

In the ravages of time the cells will die

And new fresh ones will replace them.

New ones which could feel the pain

The same pain which I feels right now.

Then again the lesson you’ve taught me now

Will forever stay and thereby making me

Less vulnerable to pain, in the future that’s to come.



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You talk weird. . . .

(Night time, starry sky Two best friends laying down on the grass and watching the wind flirt with leaves)

Best friend:- This isn’t right. You should stop this.

Poet:- what are you talking about? You’re thinking too much.

Best friend :- No I’m not thinking too much. He doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care about you. Then why are you still talking to him? Huh

Poet:- He’s sad, he’s broken he needs someone to care about him, he needs someone to listen to him, to help him.

Best friend :- Exactly, he needs someone to care for him just for him and he won’t do the same for you.

Poet :- So what? He needs someone to care for him and I need someone to love. I just need someone to love.

Best friend :- Love is really weird.

Poet :- I know. I know. You know most of the poets who writes love poems, they’ve only loved and never really were loved. Still they’ve immortalized love. You don’t need to be loved in order to have love in your life. You can also just love someone and have love in your life.

Best friend :- You talk weird . . . !

Poet :- I know ( smiles and looks at the moon)



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Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Feet on the ground

I’m dragging my feet on the ground

Hoping that it will get hurt

I’ll lose some skin in pinkish white

And I hope and I hope and I hope that

It will ease some pain that I feel in my heart.


The light never shuts me out

It always invites me in but

Now I’m hanging in the window pane

Knocking at the glass plate, tearing away the darkness bait

On the broken shards of bits and aches.


I was taken up above the clouds

To see the stars and then shine

And I was left alone, left alone in space

I searched the corners of the darkness and

I disappeared into Oblivion,

My heart butterly melted into Oblivion


I’m dragging my feet on the ground

Oh! It hurts, it aches

Oh! Light take me in, let my heart break

Let the world forget me as I turn into a milky way.


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Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Listening to the Rain

The dusted floor, and me above it

Staring into Oblivion,

Not trying to find answers

Because asking questions needed strength

The music of crickets playing in the background

The lightning painted temporary paintings

On the dark black walls


The thunder roared out some

Secrets in the dark,

Not to be heard by anyone

But to be feared by everyone,

I did not dread it nor feared.


For the thunderous sounds doesn’t mean anything

It’s the rain that needs to be heard

They have a million words to say

In each drops and they’ll say it,

Even if you ask them questions or not

They’ll say it out loud and in whispers too

They may sing it and I’ll dance with them again

They’ll say it and I’ll hear them this time

In silence, in calmness and with will.



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