Thoughts recollected in Tranquility


Always is a word suited for

You and me is what I thought.

I don’t do love poetries

You and I both know that.

But ever since I saw those eyes

And all of it’s shades

I really couldn’t stop.

But maybe now I have to,

Cause I’m not in love!



© 15/02/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved¡

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Our story

I’m not a great story teller

But I do write stories

Actually I just write our story

In a million different ways

And every time it ends the same

With you breaking my heart

And mending it again,

To break it even more

To hear it crack,

To write your name

Against each broken pieces of my heart

And call it yours, while

You don’t give me yours.

You dance with me and

Disappear as I twirl,

While my loose hair

Unties from the bun,

You leaves me standing there

In that dress and messed up hair.

While I dance to the slow sad music

” Silence ” and still feel your breath there

In the room.

As time flies by,

The stories they change

You and I are to blame.

And under this moonlight dome

I sit and write,

Another one of our story

Not to be read by you

But to be felt by pain and

I mourn you

Just the same.

©10-02-19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

I opened the door

I remember the day when my whole world came crashing down on me. When my yesteryears sin came knocking on my door and I let it in. when I let it hold me and take control of me and made space for it in my heart, again. Walking past the dead cells caused by cuts and bruises which has not yet turned into a dried up scar and is still raw, I could sense death. The doom of me was lurking in ever corner and i could find traces of that in my skin which was once alive and glowing. I could foresee the impending death of the purity in my soul, which I had gained through years of resistance and repentance.

I tried resisting my heart , but the words that darkness painted in front of me made it hard for me to resist the temptation. I tried pulling by the chain, which once helped me contain my inconsistent heart but with every pull my heart ached and so did I and I finally gave in. I opened the door and I gave in.

Now I lay here collapsed at the center of my youth, not being able to pick myself up from my putrid vomit of my sin, begging my Lord to give me one more chance and to restore my strength again, while the air was filled with asphyxiating stench of betrayal.

“I am sorry”.

©8-2-19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

My permanent smile

I think I’m in love with you.

It was unexpected

I just stumbled upon,

Your kind heart and fell,

Fell into your arms

And I’ve been residing in your heart,

Ever since then.

You gave me a permanent smile

Dressed me in pink

Hugged me tight

Made me forget the past and the future.

And my legs never stopped floating

Ever since you met me and

Ever since we journeyed together,

The same way and to the same place,

Into each other’s arms.

I think I’m in love with you.



©2/02/2019 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Sound of mayhem

You are driving me nuts

And you don’t know it

You are the chaos in my

Midnight dreams and

I’m stuck in an

Endless loop now.

It’s all black around

But white is a part of you

That became the destructive

Beautiful lines inside my palms,

Even the dark side of the Moon is

Not nearly as vague as you are.

You are the pink blooming flower

Amidst the while lilies and orchids

Of yesteryears deja Vu,

And I can hear your diaphanous heart

Calling out for my name

In the serenity of calmness.

Shhhh. . . .

Listen carefully

It’s the sound of mayhem!



© 25/01/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Just come back

Just come back

When you are done

I’ll wait here,

Till, my memories of you

Are no more

In my head, my heart

My skin and my breath.

In this scorching heat of pain

I’ll wait here remembering

Your love

I’ll wait under the shade

Of your memories,

To make new ones again

With you.

I will wait

Till the ends of eternity.



©14/01/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Stoned to reality

When everything was lost

I turned to him

I asked him to open his arms

And hold it straight

So that I could feel safe

On Earth’s face

At least for a while

At least for a while.

But he chose to bend down

And take a stone in his hand

Not a perfectly round one

One with ragged edges

And he

Threw it on my face

It made me bleed in red so light

And it did hurt but

I’m thankful to him

Because it brought me back to reality

stoned me backed to reality.



© 28/12/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!