In eden

You deserve to be
Filled with a love
That makes you feel
Like the most favorite flower
In God’s garden
And you deserves to be
Taken care of with the
Most gentlest care
That it makes you wonder
Am I the most luckiest
In Eden.



©The Rendezvous Club 2020

All Rights Reserved!

I sort of published a book

Hey guys,

I have been a little busy with some things lately but now I’m here to let you know that I’ve self published a book. It was really exciting at first but now I’m all like what did I do and what’s going to happen, was it just so stupid of me to do this at this time and all 😅. Anyways I self published a book it’s called 21 at 21st. Currently it’s available on Notion press and soon it will be available on Amazon too. So for those of you who want to check the book out here is the link

So I thank everyone for you support and help. I would have never wrote anything or published a book if it wasn’t for all you guys so thank you my lovelies.

Ps:- The book is only available in India