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You talk weird — 3

Best friend:- I want to tell you something.

Girl :- Yeah sure. What’s it lazy?

Best friend:- I love you. I don’t know when this happened, I don’t know the moment the time or why but I just love you.

Girl :- You know that I love you too.. very much . . . But I like someone.

Best friend:- What?

Girl :- I know this seems like stupid but this is it. I don’t know … I . We’ve been friends for years now. I know you completely and you’re basically a part of me. But . . .

Best friend:- But isn’t love bigger than like. Isn’t love supreme and above all.

Girl:- Yes love sure is bigger that’s why I love you because there’s nothing beyond that anybody can feel for anyone.

Best friends:- Then why like someone else. Why not love and like me? Only me.

Girl :- I love you most dearly. I love you and if I lose you then I don’t think I would be able to live because I love you and I love you very much. But I like him and I feels like I won’t be able to feel that way with anyone else.

Best friend:- What are you talking about?

Girl :- I don’t know. I have no idea.

Best friend:- Love is weird!

Girl :- Yes it is.

Best friend:- You talk weird!

Girl :- Yes I do.

Best friend:- You should know that I will always love you.

Girl :- Yes I know and I will always love you too.

Best friend:- Can we go home now? My Mamma wanted to see you.

Girl :- yessss. Oh it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her.

( Hugs each other and walks towards his bike)



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I killed a leaf

My leg stopped being in motion

At the sight of a creeping plant

Which looked so strange!

It bore no tendrils and

Pink were it’s buds but

Flowers purple, so tiny yet

Fragrant so divine.

I plucked a leaf from it’s tip

A tender leaf, which was not

At it’s best.

I pressed it against

The herculean strength of

My index finger and my thumb.

I pressed it hard,

Until the plasma collapsed and

The vacuoles bursts.

Until the walls broke down and

Turned to mesh,

Until the chlorophyll made my thumb green,

I asked the leaf,

Can you feel me killing you?

Does it hurt?

Is there any pain?

Then I wiped the tears

From my eyes,

The chlorophyll spread to my cheeks.

When did I stop loving the world?

When did the world stop loving me?

Maybe when my conscience broke

My heart turned green.



11/12/18 The Rendezvous Club

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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility


I can hear my ribs crack

One by one

Letting something out that

I’ve been hiding inside.

The very thing that broke my heart

Oozing out into my bloodstream

Bathing my organs in it.

Now my ribs too crack,

To the melody of a broken heart

Beat again.

Let it hurt, let my ribs break,

Let the love that I’ve tamed and

Caged inside me break out.

I am human after all

Bound to love.

When it will break me,

Break everything in me

I shall feel no more

But the world shall feel my love.

Who said love is painful?

Love caged is painful.

And when you let it free

You free yourself too.



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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Loving the star

Lost in the panoramic view of blue

Is a speck of dark opulent black.

In the azure vastness of the sky

Beyond the limits of atmosphere

Lies a deep dark black horizon

That sucks out your air and

Disperse it equally among the universe

And the love that it draws out

Is hidden in the stars, inside it’s warmth,

Underneath the sparkle.

When the overflowing love escapes the stars

They twinkle at us, making us yearn

For more of the deep dark space,

And for the stars which gives out love.

When we are lost in the dark infinity,

Do not be alarmed,

Just look for the star which is yours,

Which gives you light,

Which gives you love

And we’ll know we are in love when

We’ve counted enough of the dark days,

And our eyes are filled with enough stardust,

That will capture the heart

Of those who are meant to love us

Even in the darkest of space.


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You talk weird – 2

Girlfriend :- I want a jar full of stars!

Poet:- you can get a glass jar and put in some lights. It will give you the feel of a night sky full of stars.

Girlfriend :- No, No, I want an actual jar, full of stars.

Poet:- Oh girl you need a sky full of stars.

Girlfriend:- Yeah true.

Poet:- Do you know that you have a heart full of stars!

Girlfriend:- Aww, now tell me, what about my jar of stars? When am I going to get it.

Poet:- Let me tell you this; Be my Moon and let me be your Sun and we’ll have kids for stars.

Girlfriend:- ( Laughs) You talk really weird. Remind me again, why did I ever fall for you.

Poet:- It’s because you’re crazy and I’m weird and thus we’re a perfect match.

Girlfriend :- Perfect!


( Eyes crossed, laughs turns to blushing smiles, holding hands and both gazes at the Moon )



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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Her Beauty

Whatever she wore

She wore it best.

From madness,

To that little black dress.

Even when her eyebrows

Were a mess,

There was still no


Between her and

The rest.

Jealous were also rose

Of her fragrant glows

Her zest stole me of my heart

And it would steal the rest of your part .

Beauty was her second name

That would drive everyone insane.

In collaboration with

Nirant Gurav

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