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Coffee and clouds

I wish to be the coffee that makes you warm early in the morning and fills your day with a sweet fragrance that gives you energy for the rest of the day.


I wish to be the cloud that gives you shade at the hottest of day and makes you cold with with sweet kisses of water in the driest of weather.

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Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Flickering streetlights

The flickering streetlights

In the dark,

Reminded me of the fireflies

I met, while I was twelve.

When my Pappa took me out

To see a full moon in all its glory

In the open field where a cherry tree stood.

I wasn’t matured then but

Innocent and curious I was

And no darkness didn’t instill,

Any pain in me, the fireflies was enough.

But now as I walk through

This silent street, which once was busy,

Where now only empty windows and

Caged dreams reside,

And lights flickered in neglect while

Streets were filled with shame,

I think to myself

How well the world has changed,

For maturity is a book now

And innocence a bane,

And fireflies aren’t enough anymore

Or the flickering lights.

And as the alleys darkened more

The lights asked me to run,

If not then it would be my turn to change.



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This poem was written in response to a writing challenge by The inked squares

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Across the wall

The fresh leaves of

Balmy spring morning

Asked me to write a song

On the chemistry

We once shared and

How it all ended

Right where it started.

When all I ever wanted

Was to imagine my skies

Filled with your stars and

Remain blissfully oblivious.

To the downfall

We didn’t realize

We had been building

A wall between us

All this while.

I don’t know who

But the grass were

Cold and crying

The dews were salty,

The chemistry we once shared

Disappeared like the

Twinkle in your eyes.

The wall we built in between

Made it hard for me to

Hear your voice,

To hear the various

Frequencies of your

‘ I love you ‘ dancing

Inside my ears.

But now it is done

And the wall remains

But my heart misses

Your warm embrace

In every cold morning

When wind passes by.

In collaboration with Nirant Gurav


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Are you guys facing this?

Hi guys,

This is one of those posts where I tell you about the problem that I’m facing on WordPress. I can’t like a lot of your posts and not even mine.

I spent hours reading your posts and commenting on them but now I can’t. I like your post and when I go back my like is gone. This has been happening for a few days now and I’m so irritated. So I thought I should let you all know about this and I want to know if this is happening with you too.


Sunset talks

Best friend:- Can we go now? I’ve got sand inside my shoes, my ears, on my head. So let’s leave.

Girl:- You’re the one who did cart wheels on the beach. So it’s all on you.

Best friend:- I’m all dirty now. Let’s just go.

Girl:- No, no stay. Let’s leave after the sunset.

Best friend:- What’s up with you and sunsets huh. You’re way too obsessed with it.

Girl :- ( Holding his hands) Sunsets are like holding hands. You don’t know the reason but it just feels good. You feel safe, calm and it gives you a sort of warmth and it’s beautiful. And. . . .

Best friend:- And?

Girl:- Sunsets remind me of true love. It just tells me that the sun may rise everyday but it always belongs to the sea. Wherever it may rise it comes back into the sea.

Best friend:- You know in some places the Sun do rise from the sea.

Girl:- Stay in the moment. Spoiler! Let’s just talk about this beach now. I need water let me go get some. ( Stood up to leave)

Best friend :- ( holds her hand) You should find your sunset. Your parents are worried, you see. They wants you to have a family.

Girl:- My sunset! ( Laughs). You know how I am with Men. I’m afraid to even smile at them, lest hold their hands. My sunset ( laughing hard).

Best friend:- But I’m a Man and you’re holding my hands and it’s warm.

Girl:- Yeah! you’re different! Different than all the rest.

Best friend:- Then hold my hand forever.

Girl:- ( Kneels on the sand)

Best friend:- Let me be the sun, you be the sea. Hold my hand, feel the warmth. Let ‘us’ be the sunset forever and always. Stay with me forever and always.

Girl:- ( silent)

Best friend:- Say something!

Girl:- ( Hugs him) Well I want a beach wedding then.

( Both of them laughs)

Best friend:- I . . . . I .. I sun you.

Girl:- And I sea you.

Best friend :- Happy sunset crazy !

Girl:- I love you too. ( Smiles)



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Hi guys so, did you like the story???? It was a little different, so I’m confused so as to whether you’ll like it or not 😅.

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Your Magic

I spilled coffee on you

When we first met,

Ever since then

You smelled like coffee to me

And all my morning

Cup of coffee

Smelled like you.

The sun calls out your name

When it sets,

Because all the stars

In the night sky

Comes from within you.

And all the night sky’s magic,

Fall into you

To bloom as flowers,

From your eyes.

Enticing me, to fall in your love,

To surrender my heart,

To surrender my life,

To surrender my breath,

All to you.



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