A sunflower’s insanity

A sunflower went to a bouquet shop

Tried to buy a Garland of roses

Just to be worn around it’s head.

The sun got mad at the flower

For it’s atrocity and asked;

You yourself is a flower

Don’t you know that it hurts

When cut up to be born a bouquet.

The sunflower said;

I’m insane

I turned into one

When I started loving you,

You enslaved my head

Labeled me yours

And now I’m out trying to find stuff

To label as mine.

And I think that being a bouquet is better

Than being enslaved.

At least it dies in the hand of someone

Who appreciates love

As a symbol of love

With the knowledge that it was loved.



©8/4/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


What’s the oldest memory that you have?

Hi guys,

I’m back with my favorite kind of post ‘ the question kind’. I’ve done this a lot of times before, if you guys remember some of them were, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?, What’s weird about you? And so on. So this time it’s something personal and amazing. What’s the oldest memory that you have?

The oldest memory that I possess is of my grandfather’s death. People who knows me knows that I’m very bad at remembering things yet this one I remember with every tiny detail. My grandfather he died while I was four but still I remember him. Yes, for some people it is a sad memory but sometimes when I think about it I comes to know that if I still remember him and if it’s the oldest memory that I have then it must have meant something to me. Even though I was a small child and if I still remember him it must be because of our love. And I must have loved him dearly and maybe that’s why he’s my oldest memory.

So guys it’s now your turn. Tell me in the comments what’s your oldest memory? I am eagerly waiting for your answers……

PS:- I love you all. ♥️ And have an amazing day.

Before I was dead

When I die

You’ll find my diary and

Written inside it’s pages

Are words that will make you

Despise me or love me

But either way

I’ll be dead and

I wish you would have

Read, loved or hated me

Before I was dead.

©14/03/19 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


The infinite number of days we’ve spent

Talking about the holes we have in each other

Making up plans to fill those holes,

Coming to a conclusion that,

Whatever darkness we both held

Can’t fill our holes because

Darkness leaves a void. . .

Then you gave me your hole and

I gave you mine and we became whole for a while

I never knew before that

Holes in two chest can be filled

If you just put one above the other,

But it just did, and the holes became whole

Until time came with light and

Two hearts parted, for the best.

That’s when I realized that

No one is whole, everyone is full of holes

And those holes never filled mostly because

Future intervened and the present

Slowly drifted into past!



17/01/19 © The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!